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I was tricked into paying more for my service...

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I was tricked into paying more for my service...



I had a promotion that had just expired, I was paying $40.70 all included, when I received my new bill my package was rising to $53.24. I am unemployed at the moment so I decided to call and see if there was any way I could keep my old rate. I spoke to the customer service representative and explained the situation, she said she would help however she could, she asked to hold on the line while she checked what promotions were available. After a brief hold she returned to the line and said that there was a promotion that was exactly the same as the package I had now, she also said that even if I elected to have only internet service the rate for another promotion they had was the same price so it would not make sense to choose just internet. The representative went on to say that although it would not be too much of a savings that it would at least drop my monthly bill by $5.00. The representative assured me that was the best that Comcast could do so I agreed to the $5.00 reduction. The representative asked me to agree to an email she was sending which was requesting for me to review the order. I clicked on the review order button which revealed a price of $56.48, so I questioned her about the amount. The representative said to me that this price did not reflect the discount for being enrolled in "EcoBill® paperless billing and automatic payments;" and alerted me to the section of the agreement that specifically stated, "Your introductory pricing may be reduced by a $5 monthly discount for signing up for EcoBill® paperless billing and automatic payments."


So basically even though it was not much of a decrease she again assured me it would be about $5.00 less still dropping the price that I would be paying had I kept my present promotion. I went ahead and agreed to the small savings and she assured me that all necessary changes would be made.


When I called customer service to verify that I was going to be charged the new rate I was advised that it would be $56.48, I immediately pointed out to the representative that my rate should be less then the $53.24 I would have been billed for on my present package. This is where all the deceptive practices started taking place, I assured the representative Sofia that I would never have agreed to pay more than I was going to pay for my new package than the old one. I said to her it was a matter of common sense, why would you agree to pay more for the exact same service, that is ludicrous. Can you believe that this representative tried to convince me at all costs that those were my exact intentions? So, I asked Sofia, would you accept an offer to pay more for the exact same product, does that make any sense to you, especially when I just got thru telling you that the whole reason for my original call was to lower the price to the original amount of $40.70 because I am unemployed?? Sofia refused to answer my question so I kindly asked to speak to a supervisor. After a long hold, sofia advised me that she had a supervisor on the line and asked me to hold a moment longer while she explained what the issue was. Needless to say this is a very suspicious thing, why could she not explain the situation while I was on the line?


Now I was speaking with Tiffany, a supervisor, I went over all the same details with Tiffany and asked the same question of her, "would you accept an offer to pay more for the exact same product, does that make any sense to you?" Tiffany said that she would have to hear the conversation between the representative and myself before she can make a desicion. I again made my point as clear as I could, I said to Tiffany that I am a person with sufficient intelligence that would certainly not make such a decision to pay more for the same exact thing just as any rational person would do. I told her that she should not have to listen to a conversation to realize the obvious, I also pointed out to her that according to the agreement I have the right to cancel it so it should not matter regardless, I suggested she just cancel the agreement and just leave me with my package.


Here is where it gets real good, even though I called less than 24 hours after the agreement had been made to cancel it, and now again less than 48 hours, Tiffany tells me that I have every right to cancel the agreement but I cannot have my original agreement back. Remember, I had originally called to request my original rate back, then I was told I could not get that rate but would see a small drop compared to my new amount of $53.24, and now I am being told that not only will my rate be higher but that I cannot get my rate of $53.24 back. That is without a doubt the most clear example of deceptive practices I have ever seen and I am sure that it cannot be legal. I have been a customer of Comcast and Xfinity for more that 11 years but I can assure you of this, if this is the way Comcast treats their loyal customers I will take my box back to their local office, cancel my service indefinitely, and will never again do business with Comcast. Also you can be sure I will never recommend Comcast or any of its services again, rest assured of that, as they say "I am livid at this moment", and completely insulted by the suggestion that I would be so naive to make such a STUPID decion for a lack of a better word.


Re: I was tricked into paying more for my service...

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: I was tricked into paying more for my service...

Hi Dissapointed3 -- I can help with your billing issue. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me. 

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