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Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

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Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

  I have a major billing issue.  I must have explained this whole thing to over 10 Xfinity employees both in person and over the phone.  One recommended posting here and on Twitter as apparently this is the way to reach the Florida headquarters.


  The problem:  For a number of months automatic billing has been adding massive data overage charges, some months as high as $200, that's above the normal cost of $50/mo.  I realized it a month or two ago when the internet at that location went out and my credit card stopped working because it was maxed due to all the overage charges.  Since then it has been a stressful situation, I've had to ask for multiple extensions to keep the internet on while trying get this worked out. Each time being treated like I’m asking a huge favor.  All this while working and taking care of a new family which already takes up all my time and energy.


  So now there is a massive amount of money that xfinity believes I owe to it (nearly $600).  Not only can I not afford it, but I refuse to pay it.  I am willing to pay the equivalent of the $50/mo. for unlimited internet for all those months, but of course this would need to be done retroactively which is the point at which no one seems to be able to help me.  I've had an offer or two for reducing it, but $300-400 is still too much and is still unreasonable.


  I currently have two Comcast accounts and have been a customer of yours for the large majority of 15 years.  This situation has been very negative.  I'm already agreeing to a "meet in the middle" solution which is very fair, that is to pay $50/mo. retroactively.   Let's take into account that a data cap or a cost to pay for additional data is suspect at best to begin with, especially when the company has what is effectively a monopoly on modern internet in many areas.  The explanation has been that it's for fairness because most people don't use a lot of data.  This doesn't hold up though, first because it's 2018 and the cost of internet traffic data is extremely small.  Second because if you're being fair, how about being fair to the large number of elderly people (I know several) who are your customers and pay your full price while only checking their e-mail and the occasional browsing.  Those people who use virtually no data should get rebates if we are going by the fairness of data usage model.


Know what really stinks? Going in person to the Xfinity store in Everett WA. The manager told me that my solution is entirely reasonable and he’d implement it if this was my Washington account, but that only stores in California could do it because that’s where this account is. When I got to California the Manager at the Palo Alto store tells me that the other manager lied to me and that no Xfinity store can do anything for me. That I can only deal with this through corporate. I have had to spend hours and hours on this situation already, no one over the phone seems to be able to help me either.



  Honestly Xfinity, I have to say this at this point:  I am about at my whits end. I will cancel my accounts and deal with slower internet from other companies.  I will also fight the charges as they go into collections. I will take any and all actions I can against the company for this including but not limited to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc), traditional media, as a webmaster I’ll create and contribute to websites and I will explore possible legal actions along with complaints to agencies public and private. You are essentially hurting my family, Such a huge charge on anyone let alone someone barely getting by with a family is wholly inappropriate and so far I have found nothing but negative responses from all the time I’ve been talking to representatives. So this will be one of my final attempts at resolving this solution.


Here are the details:

Normal monthly amount: $49.99

Oct03-2017 statement:

$179.99 ($130 overage)

Nov03-2017 statement:

$109.99 ($60 overage)

Dec03-2017 statement:

$169.99 ($120 overage)

Jan03-2018 statement:

$169.99 ($120 overage)

Feb03-2018 statement:

$259.99 ($200 overage) ($10 late)

Mar03-2018 statement:

$215.99 ($150 overage) ($6 reconnection fee)

Apr03-2018 statement:

$99.99 ($40 overage) ($10 late)


Since October:

$820 in overages

$6 reconnection

$20 late fees


Total Currently due on account: $575.97


I am now going to show the middle ground: 

  1. I will add up all retroactive unlimited data charges that I will agree I owe.
  2. I will add overages, reconnection and late fees together.
  3. Then I'll will minus A from B. This will leave the total amount that I should not owe.
  4. I will then minus amount from C from the current balance. This will leave what I owe if I was paying the unlimited charge from October and this whole situation never happened.



  1. If $50 retroactive, I’d owe $350 for unlimited data from October 2017 to current.
  2. $820+$6+$20 = $846
  3. Overage, reconnection, late fees since October minus retroactive unlimited data from October: $846-$350 = $496
  4. Current due amount minus retroactive unlimited internet charge since October removed: $575.97-$496 = $79.79


I will pay $79.97: that I what I owe if I were paying the $50 extra (double my normal bill) for the unlimited data since October 2017.  That should bring the balance to current.  Is that not fair?

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Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Good morning...

 I'm not an employee, so I'm hoping that what I'm thinking turns out to not be the case. Personally, if you have been offered some credit back towards this, I'd take it and run, and enroll in unlimited data going forward. The onus, being on us as customers, is to track our usage, and to check each bill, regardless of how we opt to pay for it. It appears you haven't been doing that, nor have you been verifying your credit card statement that you are having it charged to.  

 What I'm hoping for you, is that one of the employees here will be able to help you reach a settlement that is reasonable for both yourself and Comcast. Your idea of refusing to pay this, and going to another provider, isn't going to make it very far. Likely, you won't be able to get service, due to being so far behind with Comcast, and refusing to pay. Another provider will see this and run. Not to mention the big ding on your credit report when it hits collections.

 Good luck to you on getting this situated. I've been there, not specificly with Comcast, but with what felt like my back against the wall. Managed to get it all sorted out, paid it off, and used the hard lesson learned.

  Good luck to you again...




New Poster

Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Hello Gene,

                    Thank you for your response.  I do however have significant doubts about you not being a Comcast employee as well the accounts that so far added 2 "kudos" that you recieved for your response. The likelyhood of a random person who spends their free time on Comcast forums, especially under the subforum "billing & customer service" and further subforum "billing" is highly suspect.  Especially when said person's advice is to go ahead and take in in the rear from said company.  You can tell your superiors to review my account and work with me, I am offering to pay the rediculous extra $50 fee for unlimited internet already.

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Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Good evening..

 As for my post, it is mine and mine alone. Feel free to search my posts here in these forums. I've posted several, anywhere from helping another customer to requesting help myself..I've been a member of these forums for several years now. It's not often that I post to someones thread, but occasionally one will catch my interest. 

 As for you doubting my sincerity, that's your call. Only a suggestion, from my point of view only. Comcast is a very large corporation, Generally fighting them is a losing battle. It matters none to me, and I will go so far to say as it's none of my business, how you handle this.  But, you posted this to a public forum, seeking help and feedback...I gave mine to you...take it or leave it...'nuff said....

 Still wishing you luck...


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Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!


           You saying the extended equivilent of "no, really I don't work for them".  Then repeating that I should take it in the rear and move on is not convincing.  Let's also take into account that you fully wrote and posted your message within 13 minutes after mine on Xfinity forums (Is your supposed hobby helping cable customers?).  



  I don't really care if you are somehow not a shill for the company posing as a helpful customer trying to convince others to just do as Comcast wants.  If you are not going to directly help with this issue, stay out of this.


  I am here to get help from Comcast/Xfinity for a major issue I'm dealing with.  I am waiting for an Comcast/Xfinity employee (at least one who is willing to say they are one) to resolve this issue and I'm going to heep pressing harder and harder from different directions until I reach the top.  At that point if a resonable resolution is not resolved I turn this into a fight as described in my initial response. 


  To all Xfinity/Comcast employees:


  I am willing to pay an account balance of $79.97 to have this resolved.  As described previously, that is the equivilent of me having paid for the unlimited fee internet every month from October on which is when this all started.


Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Gene is not an employee.  Only Official Employees are permitted to post here and their names are in red and they are designated as Official Employee.


I am not an employee, either, but a customer.  My disclaimer is at the bottom of each of my posts.


Any post that is made in these forums is put into a queue and will be answered by an OE in the order they appear in the queue.  In the meantime, any customer may respond to your post because this is still primarily a customer-to-customer Help & Support Forum.


As for your issue, IMO, Comcast probably will not accept a payment arrangement as you have proposed.  Your history over the last seven months shows that you habitually exceed the 1 TB data limit, a limit that was noted in your bills.  You set up automatic payment for your bill, but never bothered to check your bill, which btw is easily found online under My Account, or read any notes that were included on your statements.  Comcast won't charge you the unlimited $50 per month retroactively; that is a charge that would be going forward starting in May if you signed up in April.


Comcast may, however, work with you on a payment arrangement to pay the current bill of $575.97 and any other outstanding charges in addition to your current monthly payment + $50 a month for unlimited data.  If your plan is $49.99 per month not including taxes, fees, and/or equipment charges [if applicable], plus $50 unlimited data, your basic payment would be $99.99 before taxes, etc., and then add in your payment arrangement to pay off any past due amounts.  I would really be surprised, however, if they accepted $79.99 a month.


The bottom line here is that the onus is on you to read your monthly statements [Comcast, your credit card, other bills] and if there is something that doesn't seem right to you to question it at that time.  FWIW, Comcast has a 120 day limit for contesting charges, but it's really doubtful that negligence on your part will remedy any bills going back to October.


I do applaud you for taking the ugly bull by the horns and making the attempt to get this taken care of.

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Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Comcast, I am done talking to <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">


I need to talk to an employee who is willing to admit they are one and work with me on this issue.

Official Employee

Re: Huge bill due to automatic billing and data overage charges, help!

Hi Jasoneroo, 


The information provided by @Again and @Genewntn are correct. I'd be more than happy to review your account and discuss this in a private setting if you'd like. If so, could you please verify your first and last name, full street address, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message? 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me. 

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