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How to View/Pay your bill Online and/or Secure your Account

Section 1:


There are 3 ways to view your bill. 


If you follow these steps, and still have problems, start a NEW thread for your issue if you have posted a general "how do I pay my bill online" question in an on-going thread.  


 If you have started your own thread asking how to pay your bill online, continue to post in that thread if you have other questions or problems accessing your account.


Give as many details as possible about WHAT you did in your attempt to view/pay the bill. If you get any error messages, post the exact message. Please do not post in someone elses thread.




Click View Account on the left side of the page OR My Account in the black bar at the top of the page.

 You will have to sign in using the Comcast primary account holder name and password. 






Click on Pay my bill on the right side of the page OR My Account in the black bar at the top of the page.

 Sign in with the PRIMARY Comcast account name and password.




 3) From Forum pages:


IF you are signed into the forums using the primary account name and password, click on My Account
in the black bar at the top of the page.

A sign-in screen will open. Enter your password, click SIGN IN.


All of these methods will get you to My Account so you can pay the bill.



Section 2:  Securing Your Account


IF YOU GET A MESSAGE TELLING YOU "You do not have access to account or billing information. Please see the Primary account owner to view and pay the bill online" OR "Can't view account information until owner secures account" that means you are signing in with a secondary account name and password. (See instructions below for steps to grant a secondary account holder permission to view/pay the bill)  You are now required to use the primary email address and password in order to view and pay the bill.


If you are not the primary account holder and you don't know that name and password, you'll have to get whoever the primary is to sign in. If you are the primary account holder, but have forgotten  it and/or the password, you'll have to call Comcast to get the information.


A lot of people are confused about the word PRIMARY. This refers to the PRIMARY user account (email name). The primary user account is one that is set up by you, someone in your house or sometimes by Comcast. People think that the name on the bill is the PRIMARY user account. This is not the case. The name on the bill is not automatically made the PRIMARY user account.


The primary account holder then needs secure the account which will can grant you (secondary account) access to the bill.


What you (or the primary) need to do to secure the account:

log into as the primary account.


Click on Account Links (where it is is mentioned in step 1 above), choose My Account. You will have to sign in again.


When My Account opens, click Users & Preferences.


Click the tab of the account you want to unrestrict.

If asked do you want to display content, check yes.


Make sure you are looking at Basic Setting.


Click Edit Permissions.


Check May access basic settings in My Account


Check the box next to May view and pay bills. If you have Comcast phone service and want the account to be able to view voice settings check that also.  Click Save.


 Save the changes by clicking UPDATE. The  secondary account holder should then be able to view the bill and pay it.


Changing the status to unrestricted does NOT give the secondary account holder the ability to create or delete accounts. This applies only to bill viewing/paying.


Also  unrestricted status will allow the secondary account holder the ability to change or set up the following email  options:



Spam filter 
Email forwarding
Email auto-reply
Email restrictions


NOTE: If you want to grant the secondary account unrestricted status so he/she can manage his/her own email settings but do not want him/her to have access to the bill do not check May view and pay bills.

If you have Comcast phone service and do not want the secondary account holder to access voice mail do not check



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 How to Get a Copy of your bill Online


Log  in to My Account using one of the steps listed in Section 1 of the post above.


In the My Bill box click Get bill details OR Billing and Payments tab.


When bill details opens you can click View or print full bill (pdf) OR Billed (date) (pdf) under Past bills & payments. Click View More to see older bills. You can also save the .pdf to your computer. I suggest you do this each month so you will have older bills available later if you need them. I have a folder for my saved copies, which goes back at least 2 years


bill details 2.PNG


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Changing the Account That Automatic Monthly Payments Are Withdrawn From

 Changing the Account that Automatic Monthly Payments are Withdrawn From



Click on the Account & Bill tab in My Account

Sign in to your account using the PRIMARY account holder name and password.


After signing in you will be directed to My Account.


Select the Manage automatic payments button on the Overview page.  (You can also click the Set up automatic payments link on the Billing & Payments page.)


Choose Change payment info.


Choose a payment method.


Enter the bank/credit and billing information and click Continue.


If you choose to change or cancel a credit card as the automatic payment method, you will not be allowed to do so on the actual bill due date because the payment is already being processed.

Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Continue.

Confirmation is displayed. Click Confirm new information.

Click I'm done. The below 45-day message will only be shown when you are changing to a bank account payment method:  NOTE, while it says it MAY take up to 45 days to begin for bank accounts, sometimes it does not take that long. Do not make a payment by any other method until you know for sure the first payment after the change has NOT been made.






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How To Find Primary Account Holder Name

How to Find your Primary Account Holder Name


Go to the My Account sign in page (clickable link)


Underneath SIGN IN you will see Don't know your email or username? Click the link.


Tick the circle next to your address, click Next.


 All user accounts will be listed. The primary account will have that designation next to it.


OR User Name Lookup (clickable link)


Choose your method of verification. If one way doesn't work, try the other one.


And if you do find that the account you thought was the primary is in reality a secondary account, see THIS POST for instructions on how to grant secondary account holders permission to access view/pay the bill. 


You can also change the account ownership by following the directions HERE.


Sometimes Comcast will create an account for a new customer which will automatically become the primary. They also at times neglect to tell the customer about it. If this is the case for you, call Comcast and have the password reset. They will reset it using some nonsense words then you can use that to sign in to My Account and change the password.


If it IS the primary account, please post, let us know, and we can have a Comcast forum admin assist you in resolving the issue.


You can also check for the primary account name from your mobile phone or a computer away from home by clicking I'm not at home.



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To change a secondary user to the primary user:

  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click the Users & Preferences tab.
  3. Under Basic Settings, under the My Profile section, Click on Transfer primary user.
  4. A new screen will appear with a Transfer to drop-down box.
  5. Click the Transfer to drop-down to select the secondary account you want to make the primary.
  6. Enter the password for the selected secondary user.
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. A confirmation message will be displayed at the top of the screen.

If you do not see the name of the account in the drop down list click the tab for the account you want to make the primary.


Basic Settings/Account name Permissions/Edit Permissions.


Select May access basic settings in My Account


Click Save


Go back to  the Primary Account tab/Transfer primary user. The account should now be listed and you can change ownership.


Make your selection, click Confirm.


Sign out. Close your browser.


Open the browser and sign in as the new primary account.

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Want To Change Email Address For Eco Bill Notifications?

Want to change your email address for ecobill notifications?


Unfortunately, you cannot.


The Ecobill email address cannot be changed as long as the customer has a primary email account with Comcast. It is always defaulted there. 


You can, however, set up a rule (filter) in XfinityConnect in order to forward the notification to a different address.


The next time you get your Eco Bill notification or if you have a past notification in your inbox, RIGHT CLICK on the email in your inbox.


A menu will open, choose New Filter.


The From and Subject fields will already be filled in so you don't need to do anything with those.


Under Perform the following actions click the drop down arrow. Click Forward to Address. Enter the address you wish to forward to.


Give the filter a name, then click OK.

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FCC Regulations and Security PIN

 FCC regulations and security pin

This step-by-step guide is directed to customers attempting to log in to Customer Central who receive the following message:


"In accordance with FCC regulations, Comcast requires you to enter your Security PIN and create a Security Question and Answer before you proceed. This will only take a few moments. Thank you."


 Why are you receiving this message and what is CPNI?


The new FCC rules require customers to provide a password when they contact a carrier by phone before the carrier can release call-detail CPNI. Carriers must also password-protect online CPNI access. In addition, the new rules require carriers to notify customers of account changes, such as if the customer's password or address changes, and to notify customers or unauthorized disclosure of CPNI; however, law enforcement agencies can delay customer notification. The rules further require carriers to obtain opt-in consent from customers before disclosing their CPNI to a carrier's joint venture partner or independent contractor for marketing purposes.



1. When selecting "Update Account" you may be taken to a prompt with the following message:


"Comcast requires you to update your account information at this time. Please chat with a Comcast representative."


2. Depending on the result of the chat, you may require additional assistance.


Do you have Comcast Digital Voice? Have you recently ordered Comcast Digital Voice but it is not yet installed?


If the answer to either of those questions is YES, the message you are receiving is not an error. For customers with Comcast Digital Voice already installed, a PIN will be sent to you via US mail. If the service is not yet installed, you will not receive the PIN until order for service has been completed and a technician installs your Comcast Digital Voice service.




Why do you need the PIN?


The Security PIN gives you access to online voice features and protects your sensitive voice information such as voice mail and call logs. As a new customer, you will receive your Security PIN through the mail during account set up.


You need a Security PIN for the following scenarios:





Entering a Security PIN


  1. Log in to the Xfinity Connect (after you have received your Security PIN via USPS)
  2. Click the Customer Central login link from the home tab or voice tab message
  3. You must re-enter your password for security purposes
  4. Enter your Security PIN in the Security PIN field, then select a Security Question from the drop-down menu and enter your secret answer

Note: The Security Question will be used if you cannot remember your Security PIN.



  1. Click Update - you can now access your online voice data

Please read this FAQ for information on how to request a PIN.


Request and enter your Security PIN for XFINITY® Connect


If you do not have Comcast phone service and you are receiving this message, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-Comcast for additional assistance.

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Returning Equipment? Get A Receipt

Returned Equipment


When your equipment is picked up or turned in, GET A RETURNED EQUIPMENT RECEIPT. Make sure it documents that what you returned is a modem or tv boxes. If there are any stickers with serial or MAC numbers, make sure those numbers are on the receipt. Keep the receipt in a safe place, don't forget where you put it. Keep it until the middle of the next century. In the past, Comcast has billed customers for equipment that had been returned. Sometimes they lose track of the equipment and the receipt will be your proof that you turned it in to Comcast.

If you ship the equipment to Comcast, record tracking numbers. Keep those numbers in a safe place. You will need them later if Comcast bills you for the equipment.


Comcast and UPS now offer "walk in" service at UPS stores.

 Check the status of shipped items on the delivery company webpage. When you see it was delivered, print screen the delivery status. UPS also offers Track By Email. Use that option. You'll be notified when it is delivered. Save the email-again this will be proof it was received by Comcast.

Print out the delivery confirmation (if your computer crashes and you lose the info the print out will be your proof of return) This should also be kept in a safe place where you can get to it if needed.

I know from experience that having the receipts can save you a lot of headaches. I was able to pull out my receipts when a collection agency notified me I owed for Comcast equipment that had been returned.

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How to Receive Alerts From Comcast

Setting Up Alerts


Alerts will allow you to receive the following:





Sign in to My Account as the PRIMARY user account.


Click the Users & Preferences tab.


On the right side of the page check the alerts you want to receive.


Scroll down and click Save Changes.


You can also change the email address for the alerts. It does not have to be a address.  IF YOU CHANGE IT you will be sent a confirmation email at the NEW address and will have to validate the new address. This must be done within 24 hours or the validation link will expire. (I have changed my email address and now have Payment Confirmation sent to my msn email)


To change your email click Add or edit contact information under Contact Emails on the left.

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Re: How to View/Pay your bill Online and/or Secure your Account

How To Change Bill Statement Option To Paper Or Eco Bill


To change your monthly statement option:

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Click Billing and Payments at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Manage link next to Bill delivery options – this appears under the red Account Profile box on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select either the Online or In the mail option and click the yellow Save bill preferences button.


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Re: How to View/Pay your bill Online and/or Secure your Account

Check For And Manage Appointments Online


This is not strictly  billing but I wanted to add it.


After an appointment is set up you can confirm by looking online. If you do not see it listed immediately wait a while and check again.


I suggest you take a screenshot of the listed appointment and save it to your computer.

Take 2 more the day before the appointment, one in the morning and one at night after the close of normal business hours. The FCC states  "No appointment cancellations are permitted after the close of business on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment"


Early on the day of the appointment check again to make sure it is still listed.


Again take screenshots every time you check and save them to your computer. If the technician is a no-show or Comcast claims the appointment was never set up these will be proof there was one so you can get the $20 no show credit.


  1. Log in to My Account
    1. Upon logging in, you will be presented with a message stating "You have an appointment scheduled for..." with the date and time listed.  Click Manage to change the appointment.  Or, if you are already logged in:
    2. Click Billing & Payments
  • Locate the appointment in the Account Profile box in the top-right corner of the window and click Reschedule.
    Account Profile box is located in upper right corner of screen.

    Reschedule link is located under appointment time in Account Profile box.
  1. The current appointment displays. Select a new date and time and click Confirm
    Reschedule Your Appointment Screen offers options for dates and times. 
  2. A confirmation message appears, stating: "You have rescheduled your appointment for..." and listing the new date and time.  Your appointment is now rescheduled.
    Message confirms rescheduled appointment.

To cancel an appointment online:


  1. Select the Manage Appointment link on the Overview page or the Cancel link on the Account Profile sidebar of the Billing & Payments page.
  2. The current appointment will be displayed. Click Cancel this appointment.
  3. A green confirmation message will display at the top of the page.