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HDHomeRun Prime channel lineup

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HDHomeRun Prime channel lineup

I am having an issue with my HDHomeRun Prime and the CableCard that I have installed into it.

When i do a channel scan i am only getting 138 channels.


The package i pay for is

Digital Premier 260+ Channels

Extreme Pro Internet Download speeds up to 400 Mbps

XFINITY Voice Unlimited US & Int'l Calling


Also after about 30 minutes of watching one of those channels it freezes (like being paused). It eventually starts playing again some 10 to 15 minutes later. and not from the point where it froze.


I am also not getting even close to the speeds I am paying for as far as the internet goes. I am only getting 150Mbps on a really good day (doesn't happen all that often). I am a pretty patient person but after almost 5 years of having service nightmares and having techs come out so many times I have lost count I am really getting fed up with this. I sign up for a 149 dollar package and watch my bill grow over time. i am at just over 191. there are charges that are always on my bill that shouldn't be there. I am also back to having issues with service drops. I have been a loyal Comcast customer for close to 17 years. I have held up with my end, paying my bill. It would be nice for Comcast to live up to their end and actually provide me with he service I pay for. In the last 5 years I have had over one year of that time where the service was not what I have paid for whether it be from gaps in service, malfunctoning equipment and incorrect programming/speeds. Comcast has taken from me one of the 2 things in life that can never be replaced. TIME. I have spent 100's of hours on the phone and dealing with repair people and end up with a band-aide fix. I do not have a wiring problem in my home. the last 15 techs that have been here have ruled out that as a problem. The line repair person (the last tech that was here) stated there was an issue with the amplifier. He stated made some adjustments that "should help" (band-aide  statement). The lazyness of the techs that install service im my area astounds me. Their idea of burying the wire is burying it for a few feet at either end but in the middle laying it on the ground and kicking leaves over it. Wires that are only attached at the top of the pole and are left to slap around in the wind. I had to install 1/2 of the wires in my house myself because they didn't finish. Yet I was charged for it. And they didn't even do a correct install. I paid to have all new lines, and they spliced into the existing ones.


I am really getting tired of constant problems and service that doesn't even come close to what I am paying for. Talking to anyone in the customer service deparment has to be one of the most nerve racking things. 3 times I had to drive an hour and a half each direction to get a cable card replaced that a customer service rep messed up (when I first got the card). Comcast wants to get paid if they send a repair person out and find out if the issue is a bad splitter or a bad connection in the house they wired. At a rate of 90 dollars for 15 minutes. How come I am not getting paid when I have to spend hundreds of hours dealing with Comcast caused problems??


Why is Comcast unable to provide the service that I have worked very hard to earn the money to pay for???


FYI... Getting an angry customer even more irate by having a customer service rep on the phone that speaks English worse then a 4 year old is not a good thing to do. And having that customer do the same exact thing as the other 30 times they have called is not wise either.


It would be nice to see a check for 2400.00 dollars in the mail from Comcast as a refund, I know that is not going to happen.

But at the very least FIX MY SERVICE!!!!


Thank you for your time.