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Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

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Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

I got high speed internet with comcast. I received the box and of course it didint work.

I called and the Only appt was monday (a week away) I decided to cancel and go with ATT, but being they only have 18mbps in my area i called xfinity back.

(Saturday) Operator tells me she has an appointment available on friday the 6th so i set that up.


(monday) I called to confirm my appointment and to see if they had anything sooner. the guy tells me that all the had was the saturday they had set up.... I said I had an appt for friday he says no its sat between 5-7... I told him i cant i work sat so i asked or a supervisor he puts me on hold comes back and says ive escaleted the ticket someone from dispatch will call me to reschedule. that was the end of that call.


(tuesday) Called again Still sat appt. I spoke to another guy. he said still on for Sat and there is no notes on my account.... I said I called yesterday theres supposed to be a ticket open and someone from dispatch is supposed to call me and reschedule.........he said nope all he saw was an appt for SAT... I said can i speak to a manager.. He puts me on hold 5 mins later he comes back and says sorry i see your notes i had to open a different screen.... I said OK...... He said nothing is available he check all appts just Saturday... but he will create a ticket and i would definitely get a call today... No calls No supervisor...


(Wed) I just gave up and decided to wait to sat called my job and switched with a CoWorker...


(Saturday) Kept my phone all day cause at this point i was fustrated didint want them using that excuse ohhh we called and you didint pick up..... 12:30ish received a call from xfinity. your appt is set between 5-7... ok finally.... 5oclock nothing... 6oclock nothing.... 7 on the dot i called.. machine says your technician should arrive between 6:55 and 7:25....

 7:13Pm i call again machine says looks like we missed you..... Oh i was furious... I called and the rudest nasty women answered the phone said the notes say technician went to your house Knocked waited Called you and left cause you were not home and didint answer.. Then she said is your phone number 904******* last two was wrong.... i said no and dont try that because i got a confirmation call earlier now your trying to play like you have the wrong number and i was home all day i also said I live at a dead end and ive been sitting here watching every car that drove down this street all day there was no xfinity or comcast labeled van.......she says well he did and you were not home youre going to have to reschedule.... i said i want to speak to your supervisor... she says you need to wait im checking something on your account... I said i need a tech to come today I took a sat off and stayed home all day waiting for this bs..... she says im checking... 3 mins nothing... i said what are you doing... Im notating on your account... I said your wasting time cause in a few mins your going to tell me they all went home.... 3 more mins nothing... i said can you just get your supervior please... she says ok... She never put me on hold BTW she just sat her phone next to her cause i heard all the other operators in the background as I was holding... 3 mins nothing... i said can you please tell me what your doing now because i asked for a supervisor and nothing im just sitting here listening to other oeprators... she says im getting a supervisor for you....I said your not putting me on hold i can hear everything in the background and your just leaving me here for mins at a time untill i ask whats going on this is very unprofessional can i speak to your manager for the last time... she says ok hold on....she did not put me on hold once just sat there not saying a word...5mins no supervisor nothing just some distant operators talking on their lines... I hung up.... Few mins i get a call from a 1800 number i get this dispatcher who sounds completely drunk.... says hello this the is dispatcher with comcast..tells me the tech went overthere and noone was home... i said ok and told him my whole story i said i want someone tolday or you can cancel my account and ill just get the 18mbps from ATT... he says ok everybody went home for the night but i can have someone come at 8am tomorrrow.... he said im sorry but it looks like we sent one of our contractor and theyre not the best...but i will definitely send some one out tomorrow and its going to be one our own guys he works for xfinity........i said ok as long as he really shows....


(today Sunday) the tech showed up (really nice guy) and told me that he checked the work history on this place and looks like no one ever came out... at first i didint understand i said yeah he never came by thats why they sent you today.. but he explained to me that a tech is supposed to come out and hook up any unused cables when they send a self install kit so other unused outlets would be live and it looked like noone ever came out and hooked the cables he didint know why..  this is absolutley ridicoulos.... so because they dont send someone out like theyre supposed to they make me pay an extra 39.99 for a service call... 39.99 x 15.000.000 customers is a lot of money.....



Dispatcher and the tech was the only two people that was able to help me...Everyone else did not know what the they were doing. Lied, and Wasted my time....


Whomever is incharge of your customer service department should be FIRED!!!!


I just hope i dont see a service charge on that first bill...


VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.......................

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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

i had the same experince last month i agree who ever running customers should be fired

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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

      • Modem Rental
        06/01 - 06/30
      • Performance Internet
        06/01 - 06/30
      • Performance
        06/01 - 06/30
    Total XFINITY Internet$74.95
      • Self Install Kit
      • Sik Dot Com Sales
    Total Other Charges & Credits$9.95
    • Total Taxes, Surcharges & Fees$0.56

Statement balance

my bill supposed to be 29.99 for the first 6 months..........
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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

Called Operator picks up and hangs up... 




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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

Called Operator picks up and hangs up...


Call again


lady asks did you sign up online or over the phone.... I signed up over the phone... well the operator shouldve told you you cant get online prices over the phone... i said well she didint and she went over the price with me 29.99 for the first 6 months i was on the website while on the phone i even asked what happens after the 6 months and if there was a contract she said xfinity does not have contracts ..... she said its always better to sign up online next time.... i said i need this changed.... she says i have to transfer you to our other department maybe they have a better deal then i do......I said i need to speak to a supervisor or somebody that can change this.... she says thats what i said and puts me on hold....


Lady answers asks me my whole account info with some extra questions with lots of ummmmm ......after explaining everything to her... she says well i have to transfer you to sales....i said this will be the 3rd person can i speak to your supervisor please.....well if you want a supervisor it will take 48 hours...i said just tranfer me.....


she tranfers me to a bad line that tells me to try again later........ 


I call back..............somehow i get tranfered or something i heard someone pick up then three keys pressed.... got someone and asked him what dpt are you in.... he says billing....i said wow i was holding for sales... he says let me look at your account...told him my whole situation..... i said youre going to be the 4th and im really tired of this... he says hold on let me see what i can do for you puts me on hold.....

 comes back says im sorry for the hold can you tell me what happened....OMG>>....... I todl him all over again he says for the inconvienince i can offer you 25mbps for 19.99 for 6 months.... or you can get cable + internet for 69....... i said this is ridicoulous youre telling me the only way to lower my bill is to lower my speed and i just got it.... i couldve kept att for 25mbps instead of paying a cancelation fee.... he says well thats all i have on my system...... i said just cancel my account... and i need to speak to your supervisor..... he says hold on ill get him for you....



THIS IS RIDICOULOS...........You guys should have all of this recorded...

It is very stressful to have internet...



I have delt with Time Warner... RCA.... AOL... Compuserve.... ATT... Sprint... Tmobile... So many more.... but comcast ive never had such a horrible experience.............. 





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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

Supervisor Monica picks up very rudely.... says this is supervisor monica how can i help you.... i said i was quoted one price and got another.... she says well theres nothing i can do about it.... i said but your operator quoted me 29.99.. well that is an online price... if you want that price you need to do it online...i said why would i choose to pay more makes no sense would you?. i asked can you give me corporate number or someone above you cause im tired of this.... she says there isnt one you can go on our website... i said just cancel my account she says i have to transfer you and transfers me........


Got a very nice lady in the cancellation department and the only reason i didint cancel is because she said i see that you just got the service and they shouldnt be doing this to you she also said i have that 50mbps for 29.99 right here i can change that for you.... i said really why do the keep doing this to me ....she says im so sorry i have no idea but i have changed it you should get an email confirmation then she offered me tv with it for the same price i said no thx.. she asked it the was anything else and that was it.....



took some one in the cancelation dept who asked me the security questions then saw all the notes didint ask me a bunch of unecessary questions or try to sell me a bunch of stuff....that lady should get a promotion...............



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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

I had anightmare with them today I'm looking into a ROKU box I don't care if its a hassle they are robbing me to watch maybe 10 total channels.

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Re: Got service today 6/8/14 Horrible customer service

Make sure you add up all the charges on your bill.


My bill from last month $ 86.00, (charges rounded off)

45.00 internet

35 .00 cable

6.00 taxes and fees


also showed a credit of $20.00


I/m looking at all the fees and it doesn't look right.


Did the math myself and  found hey never credited the $20.00, even though it showed as a credit on the bill.


Called customer service, and rep says bill is correct.  I told him to use a calculator and add the charges and then subtract the credit and see what to total is.

He then tells me that the bill is $20.00 too much, and finds out the credit was never approved by a supervisor.

he then gets the approval and the credit is applied.


How many people with auto pay are getting ripped off, that don't do the math them self.