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Goodbye to you!

After paying my bill faithfully and before due date for 5 years in the next few minuted I will be contacting comcast and disconnecting all services. I will be comcast free!  Thank God

Int he 5 years since I institued service with the triple play my association with comcast has been nothing but a nightmare and poor customer service whihc led me to make downgrades to service ultimately completley disconnecting for a couple of months and returning after comcast gave me a decent rate for a year and then reutrned to its old way.


Bad tv boxes  (at least 10)  tv outages, phones that didn;t work.  In the beginnng I had Triiple Play and my phones were plagued with problems for the first three months. COmcast assignemed me the phone number but then stated I didn;t have Voice service.  I guess they didn;t notice the triple play charges on my account.


The latest development which led me to todays decison is Comcast sending me a bill with an increase I thought put an already ridiculously high service not out of my ability to pay, but my desire to pay. I could get a better deal.   I downgraded my service to Digial Economy within my current bi,lling period, yet on the next bill Comcast demanded I pay an additonal month for the Digital Premeire service which I no longer had and wait for two months for a credit.  Are oyu kidding me?  After going through this once before and greceiving no credit I paid the amount for the didgial exonomy I was receiving. Comcast carried the reminaing balnce and advised me the next billing I may receive late fees.


So that was the final straw. Requiring me to pay a bill for a level of service I no longer had and adding a late fee when I paid the amount to cover the level of service I did have.


I tried nuimerous times to speak with their corporate HQ about this. I was told to "read my bill"    Has anyone ever tried to figure out their prorated scheme?  If you are owed a credit you, like I, may not see it. It gets eaten up in the process.


They refused to discuss this, and as the cable gods would have it. my building was being wired for fiber on Thursday and Friday.  I immediately called the carrier after my unti was wired and received a most excellent deal on internet and televison and with 240 more channels than the 50 or so I was getting with comcast at rate 1/3 less guaranteed for two years. 


So right after I make this posting, I'm calling comcast and shutting everything down and taking their equipment back to their offices. I suppose this posting may go poof. then , who knows.


I tried to explain to them numerous times how and why their bill is wrong but someone at CC can't use a calculator or is willing to comprehend why. 


Thank God I am free of Comcast and their poor customer service, erroneous billing and changes in rates without at least a couple months notice of a coming rate increase. 


Adios Comcast I wont miss you at all


Erroneous billing. I;m done with Comcast on 9/30

My service runs from the first of the month to the end of the month. I had Digital Premeire service

At the end of July I paid my bill for August 1 - 31 in advance. In fact I overpaid it by $5

A bill for September 2017 was generated on 8/23 reflecting a $20 billing increase beginning 9/1

This increase was unacceptable to me.  I had 6 days left on my current service for the month under the billing period


On August 25th I downgraded the service to Digital Economy. Obviously the Digital Economy service is cheaper so I should have received some credit between the services for the 6 days and then Septembers bill would be for the cheaper digital Economy Service


I asked Comcast several times what the new bill would be. I was told 131.00 and then saw $166 and change on my account page.  I initally paid the 131 for September and then sent in a 2nd payment to cover the $166 amount so I would not incurr a late fee.


At time of  the changes Comcast tells me I must pay the entire amount on the bill generated on  for Sept Digital Premier and then I would receive a credit in Ocotber.  I;ve been through that rodeo before and knew I would never see a credit and probably receive another inflated bill.  I refused to pay for the Digital Preffered which I now longer had and  offered to pay for the Economy Digital in full if someone could tell me the amount. No one at comcast could do that.  Kept telling me to check the mobile app. It never updates.   The problem with comcast is if you make any changes they won;t update your bill, they want to be paid in full and then give you a credit down the road.  Forget that.


All month of Sept the online bill showed $49.09 balance because I didn;t pay for Digital Premier, which I know longer had  . Don't forget I overpaid by $5 in August so CC owes me 54.09 credit.


today the online bill for October appeared online.  Sure enough comcast with their prorating scam had it all figured out.,  They show that 49.09 still as a balance owed.


I am not obligated to pay for Digital Premier when I did not have it and I refuse to pay the 49.09  They claim the bill is correct.  So therefore on the 30th of this month I am pulling the plug on comcast.


My apartment building is being wired for optical cable this week and I can always go to Amazon Prime Fire TV, and get 120 channels streamed from Direct TV for $70.


Thanks  for the hassle comcast  After 5 years of service and hassle over telephones that never worked I cancelled that service. and went to double play.  


I'm done on 9/30    I have better thing to do then to fight over your incorrect  billing issues.  






Official Employee

Re: Goodbye to you!

Hello @DMariner. We are sorry you feel that way. If you are will to give is another chance, I can go through your billing to review any discrepancies you may have and can assist with troubleshooting service issues you were experiencing. We could even review your available account offers in search of a rate that better fits your needs. 


If you change your mind, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.