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Getting xfinity TV fixed

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Getting xfinity TV fixed

I would like to share with the community on how hard it actually is to get someone to come fix your Xfinity TV for the fouth time in as many years.


3:33:11 PM MARY JA ***** : The Tv has been down for 18 hours now. I have power on reset the boxes, I have restarted the boxes, I have unhooked and rehooked the boxes. The power supply box to the amplifier outside is probably bad. I could tell you for sure, but the last time you changed it, you did not put one with a power light on it. Regardless, it is cold. It is not usually cold. It is so cold, I would speculate that it has been off at least 18 hours. I realize you have an outage of allmost 300 people on the other side of the river. There is no such outage on my side of the river. Would you please fix my tv or send someone out here with a new power supply to fix my tv? You could even toss a new power supply on my porch if you don't have time to fix it yourself

---You are now chatting with John---

3:33:32 PM John :

Hi Mary, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support.  My name is John.  Please give me a moment to review your account information.

3:38:35 PM John : Hello Mary, I apologize that you are having issue with your TV. I appreciate that you done some basic troubleshooting on the affected device and thankyou for checking the possible cause. I really appreciate it. And I totally understand that you want to fix this issue right away. It's hard to enjoy your TV shows if your having that issue. I experienced the same issue a while ago with my previous cable provider.

3:39:10 PM John : I am willing and ready to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

3:39:28 PM MARY JA ***** : I had uverse previously, I have learned you have to be independent if you want to watch tv from a provider

3:40:13 PM John : I understand but I am also a customer. I will do my best to address your concern today.

3:40:18 PM John : Mary, to make sure that I am pulling the right account. Please provide your first name,last name and complete service address.

3:40:56 PM MARY JA ***** : Mary Jane *****-*****, ************************

3:46:17 PM John : Thank you so much, Mary. for the information. Please give atleast 2 to 3 minutes to pull up the account.

3:46:28 PM John : While waiting, would you like to update your preferred email address?

3:46:34 PM John : It is a good source for you to receive latest updates on our new promotions, cool features, new products, and notifications regarding changes on your account.

3:47:21 PM MARY JA ***** : I would wish that you would change my preferred email address to

3:47:53 PM John : Thank you. Let me go ahead and update your email then.

3:47:55 PM John : While pulling up your account on our system, I'll be checking too on your options on how you can maximize your service from Comcast.

3:49:52 PM John : Hello Mary, I see that you already have a prefered email address on the account. I just want to clarify if you are adding email or changing email.

3:50:58 PM MARY JA ***** : I have three emails. the ***** ***** *****

3:51:09 PM MARY JA ***** : we never check the comcast one

3:51:19 PM MARY JA ***** : so it must go to one of the other two

3:53:52 PM John : I have succesfully added ***** as your preferred email, Mary. You will be receiving an email within 15 minutes containing a link to completely register your preferred email address.

3:54:00 PM John : Please be advised that failure to register within 72 hours will not update your preferred email address in the account.

3:54:21 PM John : 
Thank you so much for patiently waiting, Mary.

3:54:27 PM MARY JA ***** : ok

3:54:34 PM John : I have succesfully pull up the account. And I see that you been our loyal customer for quite sometime. We trully appreciate your business with us.

3:56:13 PM John : Based on the information that you provided earlier about your concern, TV has been down for 18 hours. Is this the first time happen on your TV.

3:57:52 PM MARY JA ***** : It has happened three times over the time we have had xfinity. two of the three times required a new power supply. two of the three times required the house to be rewired. two of the three times required a new wire from the pole

3:58:35 PM John : oh! I am sorry for the inconvenience that it cause to you.

3:58:45 PM John : Mary, Are you getting an error message or error code on when trying to access the DVR feature?

3:59:09 PM MARY JA ***** : I cannot tell you if they changed the amp under the house, I am 56 years old and am not crawling under there to look

3:59:53 PM John : I understand I am reviewing the technicians note. I'd like to ask you few questions to ensure that I'm providing the best possible solution for you.

4:00:02 PM MARY JA ***** : the main dvr has 03003 on it it, the twq remotes have 10000 on them, this is 100 % repeatable on reboot

4:01:05 PM John : Based on what you'ved said, "The main dvr has 03003 on it". Is this the error code?

4:01:20 PM MARY JA ***** : rdk 03003. yes

4:01:37 PM John : "The two remotes have 10000 on them" Is this the error code?

4:01:49 PM MARY JA ***** : rdk-10000 yes

4:02:43 PM John : Perfect! Thank you so much for providing that information.Mary.

4:03:34 PM John : What I can do for you now is first, I'm going to perform a diagnostic check to verify the status of your equipment and services.

4:04:27 PM MARY JA ***** : it is all on. Your status page says the remotes are fine, the dvr is not so fine

4:04:53 PM John : I will check the Primary box that has an error code of rdk 03003. Let's fix this 1 at a time.

4:05:34 PM John : Yes. I will take care of that Issue. I'll do my best to exhaust all of my resources to resolve this issue today.

4:06:19 PM John : Mary, What's the serial number of the affected Box?

4:06:23 PM John : The serial number is found on the white sticker at the back or at the bottom of the box. It starts with M, SA, PA, GI, TM, or CS.

4:07:03 PM MARY JA ***** : you are funny, ha ha. I will go find my reading glasses and a flashlight.

4:08:17 PM John : Oh! I apologize that you need to look for your reading glasses and flashlight. This time I need your full cooperation.

4:12:29 PM John : Mary, Are we still connected?

4:14:03 PM John :

I haven’t heard from you.  I’ll be here for a few more minutes in case there are any questions I may be able to answer for you.

4:17:30 PM MARY JA ***** : ************

4:17:51 PM John : Is that the serial number of the affected box?

4:18:04 PM MARY JA ***** : What do you expect? I had to crawl under and take a picture of bottom of box to read it

4:18:07 PM MARY JA ***** : takes time

4:18:11 PM MARY JA ***** : a lot of time

4:18:42 PM John : Actually Mary. I have 2 options for you.

4:18:49 PM MARY JA ***** : tnat is one of the many numbers on the bottom of the box on a white sticker

4:18:57 PM MARY JA ***** : starts with pace s/n

4:19:12 PM MARY JA ***** : I would guess that means serial number

4:19:23 PM John : I apologize that it really gives you a lot of steps. How about sending you a technician right away?

4:19:43 PM MARY JA ***** : That would be great

4:19:44 PM John : I am still checking the number.

4:19:56 PM John : Alright.

4:20:13 PM John : Let me check on the available dates that we have.

4:20:41 PM John : I don't want you to have a hard time do this troubleshooting steps.

4:22:06 PM MARY JA ***** : that is why i did what I had the energy to do before I contacted you. we are both handicapped, I cannot do this fast and my wife cannot walk

4:23:01 PM John : Oh! I am sorry I keep on saying Mary, May I know whom am I chatting with?

4:23:15 PM MARY JA ***** : Brian, her husband

4:23:37 PM John : Hello Brian, Sorry for keep on calling you Mary.

4:24:06 PM John : Brian, I am currently checking the availability of the technician.

4:24:16 PM MARY JA ***** : I cannot talk, you would not know the difference

4:24:59 PM John : I am also checking available promotions on your account while checking our schedule for technician.

4:25:45 PM John : I have a great news for you.

4:26:27 PM MARY JA ***** : Find the promotion that is really good and affordable. My wife watches tv on her pc, and now I am forced to watch it on my phone. We need a better system

4:26:36 PM John : I see that you are eligible to upgrade from TV, Internet, Voice to TV,Internet,Voice, plus XFINITY Home.

4:28:37 PM John : And I see that you also paying 267.79/Monthly. Let me check on the best promotion brian that will upgrade your TV and improved your current service plus freebies with a very affordable deals that might lower down your bill.

4:30:18 PM John : Please stay connected. As I am now checking.

4:30:45 PM MARY JA ***** : unless you drop my internet, I will be connected

4:31:06 PM John : That's not going to happen, Mary Ja.

4:31:34 PM MARY JA ***** : I think someone said that about xfinity tv once

4:35:43 PM John : Thanks for waiting.

4:36:22 PM John : I apologize, Bryan. I have found a great deal for you.

4:36:45 PM MARY JA ***** : does the tv work on it?

4:37:03 PM John : Yes, indeed.

4:37:17 PM John : However, the system might not allow us to process it if the past due balance of $319.27 will not be settled today. Is that possible?

4:37:56 PM MARY JA ***** : sure it is possible

4:38:20 PM John : Okay, perfect! Thanks for letting me know.

4:38:35 PM MARY JA ***** : I would not know of past due balance unless my wife told me, she has not told me.

4:39:10 PM MARY JA ***** : do you want me to go online and pay it? does that work?

4:39:16 PM John : Oh, I see. Alright. Thank you so much. I understand that with the hectic schedule that we have sometime we tend to forget in telling our partner our monthly bill.

4:39:22 PM John : Sure, please. Thank you so much.

4:40:04 PM John : While waiting, Bryan, the great package that already includes your current Cable subscription is our X1 Premier Quadplay package at a promotional rate of $189.99 a month good for 24 months with 24 month contract. This requires enrollment to Ecobill and Automatic payment for the entire duration.

4:40:43 PM John : After the 24 month promotion, you will get another promotional rate offer of $219.99 a month good for another 12 months without enrollment to Ecobill and Automatic payment before the regular rate will apply.

4:42:04 PM MARY JA ***** : I have payed our bill

4:42:17 PM John : Great! Thank you for letting me know, Bryan.

4:42:31 PM John : How does the offer sounds for you?

4:43:11 PM MARY JA ***** : sounds very nice

4:43:36 PM John : Yes, indeed. I really did my best to find the great package for you.

4:43:50 PM John : So, would you like me to process it now?

4:45:11 PM MARY JA ***** : Are you going to fix my tv if I process it, or am I going to get bad news that since I am in a 24 month contract, you are not going to fix my tv

4:46:21 PM John : Oh, no worries, I can note the account to bring a new cable box so the Technician who will install the Xfinty Home security service will install the new cable box as well.

4:47:10 PM John : X1 Premier Quad play package includes Digital Premier TV which is your current TV subscription, plus faster internet speed because it will include Extreme 150 that has internet speed of 150 Mbps/20 Mbps, plus your current Phone service, plus Xfinity Home Security service.

4:47:19 PM MARY JA ***** : You did not say I was getting the home security service for that price

4:47:46 PM John : Oh, I apologize. I was about to tell you the inclusions

4:47:52 PM John : Our Xfinity Home Security service is not an ordinary home security service, XFINITY Home is a smarter home security service. It includes all the basics like 24/7 professional monitoring and battery and cellular backup.

4:47:57 PM John : You will always know whats happening at home with access and control from your system from your smart phone and can receive real-time alerts even if the system is not armed.  With the X1 Voice Remote you can even manage your system from your TV.

4:48:00 PM John : Many like to expand their smart home by adding other products like cameras or a thermostat. XFINITY Home provides a great value by bundling all of your XFINITY services together with only a two year commitment.

4:49:28 PM MARY JA ***** : I have ADT, it is not under contract, but it gets me a discount on my homeowners insurance. Does xfinity home do that

4:50:37 PM John : I see.

4:50:53 PM MARY JA ***** : ?

4:51:35 PM John : I think the best person that you can ask about the homeowners insurance company.

4:51:55 PM MARY JA ***** : What does ADT home monitor?

4:52:42 PM John : I apologize for the confusion. If I got you correctly, you are asking if what are the inclusions of our Xfinity Home Security service?

4:52:53 PM MARY JA ***** : yes

4:53:01 PM John : Sure, let me provide you the details.

4:53:20 PM John : Xfinity Home Security service includes the following equipments:

4:53:23 PM MARY JA ***** : I need to know what it replaces from adt, so I can make an informed decision

4:53:36 PM John : 1 Touch Screen Controller        
1 Wireless Keypad        
1 Motion Sensor        
3 Door/Window Sensors

4:53:49 PM John : Yes, sure, you have a point.

4:54:07 PM MARY JA ***** : Does it monitor for fire and smoke?

4:54:20 PM MARY JA ***** : I would assume it monitors for security

4:54:27 PM John : Great news! Bryan, If you sign up today, you can pay the one time installation fee of $99.99 into 6 months installment.

4:54:56 PM John : Yes, we have fire/smoke detector as well, however, there is a separate purchase for that.

4:55:20 PM MARY JA ***** : ok, how much is the seperate purchase

4:55:27 PM MARY JA ***** : and is it monitored

4:55:33 PM MARY JA ***** : by a company

4:55:34 PM John : The Smoke Detector will cost you a one time purchase fee of $99.95.

4:56:22 PM MARY JA ***** : ?

4:56:29 PM John : Great news though, you can also pay the one time $99.95 into 6 months installment.

4:56:46 PM John : Yes, Xfinity will monitor it as well.

4:57:36 PM MARY JA ***** : so, smoke is 99$, installation is 99$. Is security free?

4:57:50 PM John : Yes, it is.

4:58:12 PM John : XFINITY HOME gives you peace of mind with a total home security and automation solution. Look after your home, family and valuables from anywhere on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

4:58:14 PM MARY JA ***** : so doors and movement are free. what about camera

4:58:16 PM John : Get 24/7 professional monitoring on a secure network and remotely control your home all from one easy-to-use-app.

4:58:38 PM John : Yes, you are correct. The Camera needs to be purchased.

4:58:52 PM MARY JA ***** : I figured that. How much?

4:59:26 PM John : How many are you going to buy?

4:59:40 PM MARY JA ***** : just one entrance camera

5:00:02 PM John : I see. Do you need a 24/7 video recording feature?

5:00:23 PM MARY JA ***** : I would like to compare it to ring, so yes

5:00:37 PM John : I see.

5:01:03 PM John : Great news! You  can purchase it from us at $199.95 one time or you may take advantage of the 24/7 live video monitoring service at $9.95/month and the camera would be provided at a discounted price of $99.95 one-time fee.

5:02:01 PM John : Great news! I have also checked that you can pay the one time fee $99.95 of Camera into 6 months installment.

5:02:38 PM John : That would mean that you can pay it around $16.66 for the next 6 months. Same with the installation fee and the smoke detector.

5:04:20 PM MARY JA ***** : so, $300 over six months for the system, the smoke/fire, and camera. plus $10 a month added to xfinity bill of $190 a month. So $200 a month, plus $50 a month for 6 months

5:05:23 PM John : Let me double check the calculation.

5:06:38 PM MARY JA ***** : The $200 a month bill will be for 24 months, then it goes up to $230 a month if I extend it

5:06:40 PM John : If you sign up to the offer, your new monthly recurring charge will become $226.88 before taxes and fees. Right now, you are paying for a monthly recurring charge of $267.79 before taxes and fees.

5:06:43 PM MARY JA ***** : for another year

5:07:52 PM MARY JA ***** : and after six months, it would drop to $200 a month before taxes and fees?

5:08:36 PM John : Oh, sorry, Plus the 24/7 Video Recording of the camera of $9.95 a month.

5:08:53 PM MARY JA ***** : I realize that

5:09:10 PM John : Your new monthly recurring charge will become $236.83 before taxes and fees.

5:10:27 PM MARY JA ***** : you stated $189.99 for 24 months. add $10 a month to that, that is $200 a month

5:10:29 PM John : 
Then, the one time charges includes Professional installation of $99.99 (around $16.66 x 6 months to fully paid) + Smoke Detector $99.95 (around $16.65 x 6 months to fully paid) + Camera with purchase of 24/7 video recording $99.95 (around $16.65 x 6 months to fully paid).

5:11:13 PM John : A total one time charge of $299.89 to be paid in 6 months. (around $49.98 x 6 months on top of your monthly recurring charge).

5:11:59 PM MARY JA ***** : and after six months, it would go down to $200

5:13:24 PM John : Your new monthly recurring charge will become $236.83 before taxes and fees comes from the X1 Premier Quad play package +  2 Additional Cable boxes at $19.90 (2 Qty. at $9.95 per box/per month) + 1 Additional DTA $5.99 + Service Protection plan of $5.95 + Modem rental fee of $11

5:13:45 PM John : Yes, you are right that after 6 months the bill will go down to  $236.83

5:16:05 PM MARY JA ***** : the great package that already includes your current Cable subscription is our X1 Premier Quadplay package at a promotional rate of $189.99 a month good for 24 months with 24 month contract. This requires enrollment to Ecobill and Automatic payment for the entire duration.

5:16:23 PM MARY JA ***** : I am not following your math

5:16:54 PM John : Oh, I apologize for the confusion, Bryan. I was referring to the level of your Cable TV channels or TV plan.

5:17:16 PM John : However, the  2 Additional Cable boxes at $19.90 (2 Qty. at $9.95 per box/per month) + 1 Additional DTA $5.99 + Service Protection plan of $5.95 + Modem rental fee of $11 are not included with the X1 Premier Quadplay package.

5:18:33 PM MARY JA ***** : $286.81 a month is not less than $267 a month

5:19:40 PM John : X1 Premier Quad Play bundle service includes :

5:19:53 PM John : HDDVR primary cable box free of charge and Digital Premier cable service with over 260 digital channels, including HBO, STARZ, Cinemax and SHOWTIME premium channels.

5:20:36 PM John : It's going to be 
$236.83 versus your current monthly recurring charge of $267.79

5:21:02 PM John : Plus, highly likely, your taxes and fees will be lowered because it depends on how much you are paying for your monthly recurring charge.

5:22:20 PM John : You will save $30.96 a month, $743.04 for 2 years. Plus, Additional savings because you will no longer have to pay monthly from your ADT Home Security service.

5:23:21 PM John : Oh, sorry, I forgot to add the 24/7 video recording.

5:23:30 PM John : Let me recalculate.

5:23:40 PM MARY JA ***** : You lost me at price. It does not matter what the price is if it is not a good value. My 24/7 security/fire/smoke/motion/carbon monoxide, monitored system is $12 a month with all equipment already paid for. If I add ring to that, it is another $10 a month. It does not matter how many channels the tv has, I have to watch tv on my phone right now. Your package requires a contract, a contract that does not require anything on your part, so I can be without tv as long as you want me to be.

5:24:56 PM John : It's rather $242.78 before taxes and fees. $242.78 comes from the X1 Premier Quad play package of $189.99 +  2 Additional Cable boxes at $19.90 (2 Qty. at $9.95 per box/per month) + 1 Additional DTA $5.99 + Service Protection plan of $5.95 + Modem rental fee of $11 + 24/7 video recording of $9.95

5:26:15 PM John : Just to share though that the Early Termination Fee will apply once you cancel the whole services or account.

5:26:43 PM John : I apologize for the confusion. If I got you correctly, you would like to know If you can get a package that is not under a contract. Am I correct?

5:26:49 PM MARY JA ***** : you are right, and right now, I do not have an ETF

5:27:25 PM MARY JA ***** : I do not have an ETF, and right now, I have a package cheaper than what you are asking for

5:27:32 PM John : I see. Our Xfinity Home service requires a contract, but, the Early Termination Fee will apply if the customer will cancel the entire account only.

5:27:34 PM MARY JA ***** : I am not sure what you want me to do

5:28:22 PM John : Okay, how much is the total bill that you are paying for your ADT Home Security?

5:28:23 PM MARY JA ***** : I have already outlived my contract with ADT and Xfinity. What are you asking?

5:29:17 PM John : I apologize for the confusion. I guess I was just trying to ask If you would like to subscribe to the offer.

5:30:17 PM MARY JA ***** : no. I am sorry. your offer is more than I am currently paying and requires a contract to boot. If it was the original price you quoted, sure. But it is not

5:30:27 PM MARY JA ***** : I want my tv fixed

5:32:34 PM John : Sure, I can definitely send a technician to help you fix the Cable issue.

5:32:54 PM John : Let me process your request, Bryan.

5:32:58 PM MARY JA ***** : Have you scheduled that yet?

5:33:06 PM John : Please give me 2 to 3 minutes while I process it for you.

5:33:58 PM John : Not yet since I thought you would like to upgrade so the Technician who will install the Xfinity Home Security service can also install the Cable box instead.

5:34:20 PM MARY JA ***** : I have been online with you for almost two hours asking to get my tv fixed. You have not scheduled that to happen yet. Do you see what I mean?

5:35:18 PM John : No worries, it will just be quick to process the technician visit.

5:36:59 PM John : Bryan. Please provide your best callback number.

5:37:12 PM MARY JA ***** : ********

5:38:23 PM John : Alright, we have successfully scheduled the technician's appointment. Please take note of the following important information regarding your technician visit.

5:39:44 PM John : Your schedule is on 4/26/2015. The technician will arrive anytime between 10 AM to 12 PM. Someone 18 years or older who speaks English has to be there throughout the entire appointment.

5:39:49 PM John : You will receive an automated call at ******* within the day prior to the appointment. Please answer the call to ensure the technician arrives.

5:40:45 PM MARY JA ***** : I do not speak. I did tell you that. Anyway, my wife speaks just fine, but she cannot walk. I am sure we can manage

5:41:33 PM John : Yes, Bryan. I understand.

5:42:06 PM John : I am positive that the technician visit will permanently resolve  your issue with the TV.

5:42:27 PM MARY JA ***** : permanently???

5:42:46 PM John : Yes, we aim for permanent fix.

5:43:16 PM MARY JA ***** : As I said, you are funny. Better fix your aim

5:43:58 PM John : Okay, I hope that you will no longer encounter issue with your TV service, Bryan.

5:44:05 PM John :

Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

5:45:03 PM MARY JA ***** : I will accept that. No. I will just sit here watching tv on my phone and wait for the repair person. Have a good day. Thank you

5:45:35 PM John : Okay, thank you. It was nice chatting with you, Bryan.

5:46:02 PM John : Although, I apologize for the confusion about our conversation earlier, because, I see that your bill will still be lowered because you are paying a monthly recurring charge of $267.79 plus taxes and fees. Plus, you are paying around $20 or $30 for your current ADT Home Security service plus taxes and fees.

5:46:08 PM John : So, If you will sign up for the offer even if it is under a contract it will lower your bill because your new monthly recurring charge would become $242.78 plus a lower taxes and fees.

5:46:23 PM John : So, I think I was lost earlier.

5:46:52 PM John : But, if that's really your final decision not to take advantage of the savings and all then I would really respect it.

5:47:29 PM John : I hope everything is fine though. I'm really sorry If we had confusion earlier.

5:48:17 PM MARY JA ***** : Thank you no. I am comfortable that I have a better value with what I have and no commitment to stay with xfinity. I am not saying uverse/at&t will ever be better, but I do have the option to ask

5:49:11 PM John : Okay, sure, I got your point as well, Bryan. Just incase you change your mind in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

5:49:25 PM John :

Thank you for choosing Xfinity and have a great day! Good bye! Take care. 

5:51:00 PM MARY JA ***** : As a side note, you will eventually put yourself out of business with contracts, just look at the cell phone companies. Amazon, google, netflix, hulu, they offer subscriptions, not contracts. Ring and ADT for security. The only thing you have going for you is internet

5:51:43 PM John : Thank you for contacting Xfinity.


Re: Getting xfinity TV fixed

Hi maryja -- Thank you for sharing this interaction. This is certainly not the kind of interaction we want any to have when trying to get something resolved. I did want to check in to see if your scheduled tech was able to resolve your TV issue. Please advise. 

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Re: Getting xfinity TV fixed

The technician showed up on time.  He had no information on what was broken or what steps had been taken to troubleshoot.  He followed my suggestion to go out and check the amp power supply outside.  It was full of rain water.  I told him if rain water breaks it, it probably shouldn't be outside in the rain.  He said that the reason that it had rainwater in it was that it had two ports on it and the previous technician had not bothered to cap the unused one, so rain got in.  Really, if you aim to fix things right the first time, I think you failed miserably here.  I will not speculate on how much this cost your business to take care of my simple request to get my tv fixed, a repair that should not have been required.  And that is how it is with big business I guess.  I think next time, just toss the power supply on my front porch as you drive by, save us both a lot of time, frustration, and money.


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Re: Getting xfinity TV fixed

maryja, sorry to hear about that rain water in the pedestal--was the tech able to resolve your issues?

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