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Hi my name is Susanne. My Elizabeth runs & pays my account for me the last 15 years. This is "our"message. This family has been with Comcast/Xfinity for about 35 years. Pretty much since its inception. All customers should be treated equally but we feel after 35 years of loyalty, it should mean something to the company. About 10 years ago Comcast switched over to digital and so the nightmares begins. Our bill started out as a triple play with a fair amount of services for 150$ a month. As time went on we had to switch to a new service agreement. I tried so many times to call customer service about the bill asking various questions like: how much is the services individually and how much can I get the phone to just basic plain old land line etc... I could never get anywhere. The people of the unnamed country Comcast/Xfinity decides to outsource its customer service is fine and all. But to have people from another country serve Americans, using American service <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. They were nice and just doing their jobs but <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. Even more importantly, <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">, as all customers experience a slew of hundreds of different issues everyday. I could never even get the most basic things solved. I don't blame those people in that country. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory"> As the saying goes... history can, does and will repeat itself. All the competition on phone TV and Internet out there and you guys <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. My advice to you would be to set aside the fancy nonsense for 1 week and pay attention to your own company. People are getting "angry" and when you lose a family that's been with you 35 years... well that just shows you right there something BAD IS HAPPENING!   So moving on. After many attempts to get my phone and Internet to work like 50 times or so, always with failure. My bill keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and 40-60% of the time I never had phone and Internet. It went out 1-50 times a day, literally for no reason. I had Techs come here many times, got a new fancy box 3 different times and still... no phone and no Internet. Were in the middle of a Netflix or Call Of Duty challenge or I'm doing something SUPER important like on line college prep in Pharmacology and BAM! <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. When I did the actual math OK. The loss of phone and Internet 40-60% of the time for 6 years comes to about to about 5,000$  Now think about that number for a minute to a lower middle class American family. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">... but to me its money that can literally transform my life that has been full OF hardships and if I didn't know any better was secretly written & directed by Quentin Tarantino himself... That's how bat "snow" crazy its been for me. My life is literally an insane movie Produced by God Directed by Quentin and played by Me... I hope that conveys to you how important 5,000$ of lost money is to someone like me. Or anyone for that matter. I'm not special... I'm just like every other customer on here. Only I'm gonna give you the "Talk" and make you understand what the "elf" is happening. And I'm not stopping here either. I'm going to tell my story to the entire Internet as long as it takes until I feel like it has fairly balanced out an approximate loss of lets say 10,000$ to your company. Ya know cause of my pain, suffering, stress and whatever other legal lingo can apply. 

 So... moving on. The last draw for me was in mid January 2018. Its time to renew my contract and I'm exited because I wanted to finally rearrange the bill around a little to add on a new Iphone plan, which I was super exited about because I loved Xfinity finally adding cell service. I was happy for once. My plan was to call and do that and ask the guy AGAIN to send a Tech out and start over from scratch to fix my phone and Internet. Believe it or not... I actually love your freaking services when they actually work properly. But nope... not happening. The man I spoke with was so rude, so arrogant and nasty. He thought I was being cheap. I never even got to tell him I wanted to add an freaking Iphone in the call at all. He refused to give me prices on packages and he also told me that the company doesn't allow broken services (as in if I want to pay phone, TV & net) separately. Which we all know is total "nonsense". The only American customer service person I ever talk to in 15 years and <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory"> That's not even the worst part. He pretended to give me a new service package ( but he never did) my bill was supposed to be 225$ a month but instead it kept coming in as over 265$ which I never understood 256$ anyways. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. I always paid it like a <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory"> because I'm actually a super nice and loyal person. I JUST DON'T TAKE "nonsense" from anybody. Hence the Baltimore pride!!!  So finally I had enough, after no service AGAIN... another 260$ plus bill and the realization that I had no package and the guy lied to me... BLUNTLY! So being as though I had no service agreement I called Verizon, had them install all of they'r stuff and because of the lie in January & the mean man who should never work in public service period...ever. I had to pay no cancellation fee Smiley Wink But that still doesn't excuse the 5-10,000$ loss in services over the past so many years. I'm using estimates here but that is the real range. So while all the corporate people keep doing all the strange things they do and not care about a family that's been loyal to them for 35 years which literally made me cry real tears, I'm not ashamed to say. It broke my "dang" heart. I actually thought in slow motion that companies big and small actually cared about people. When I called to formally cancel my account today.. the girl didn't ask why or what happened or how can we help you or keep you as a customer. I was shocked that its just nothing to this company to lose a family of 35 years. I'm getting watery now just typing this "stuff" ... I hope to GOD that one day someone at corporate will read this and actually give a "care" and make some kind of effort to right these wrongs. In the mean time... I'm going to put my story everywhere I possibly can. If they wont give me my 5-10$ back or make an attempt to care about my family that has paid them over 100 grand since day 1. Than I'll just have to get creative and balance the universe out myself. Comcast/Xfinity... you people broke my heart. Have a nice day. 

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Re: Contact Xfinity Corporate

Hi kittyluv53. We're sorry you feel that way. We certainly value all our customers, including you. If you change your mind and want to come back to Comcast, I can assist with getting you a new service package rate and also troubleshoot your internet and phone service issues. So if you have changed your mind, please send me a private message and include your full name, home address, and contact phone number so I can begin. 


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