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Complete customer service failure

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Complete customer service failure

My Xfinity internet and TV went out of service June 21, 2018 when my neighbor's yard took a lightning strike.  It took out my xfinity router and cable tv box.  I notified Comcast and they said there was no outage in my area.  After debating this with them for a while, they scheduled a service tech appointment for June 25.  Meanwhile, they sent me to the local Comcast store to get replacement equipment.  I did so on June 23 and June 24 but nothing worked.  On June 25, the tech came to the house twice and said that there was line damage at the street and to the line to my house.  The techs completed work on the street line but said that I would need a line dropped from the street to my house.  They said someone would do that later on June 25.  No one ever came back.  I got on Xfinity chat and was told "the reason why you are not getting any service properly is because of an ongoing outage in your area.  This is possible due to some possible congestion of signals flowing in one of the poles within the area.  We already sent out Engineering team out.  Yes they are working on it and I have also raised a special request for you and this time the request number 046690325. Our advanced team will also contact you within 24 hours".  Since that time, I have called Comcast and used their live chat to figure out when someone was coming back.  No one has ever called me.  The chat people are absolute liars.  First they told me that the drop/bury tech was coming on June 27 between 8a-2p.  When I joined chat on June 27 to confirm, Davinderjit said "yes, you are correct.  Please be assured your services will get restored till 1:55PM."  I joined another chat right at 2:00pm where the chat people told me that it was changed to 8a-8p.  The chat agent said that they cannot communicate with the field techs and have no way of knowing where they are.  This was one of many chats with their people.  When 4:30p rolled around, another chat person (Neha) "assured" me that they would be there.  This chat person told me "I have just words with the technician and he is on the way. I have also updated the notes on your account as well as to our Advanced Technical Team so that you will not face this issue again in the future".  I called a telephone agent at Comcast who told me that she was going to set the next available appointment which was June 29 1p-3p.  


At 5:00p, June 27, I "caught" an actual tech at my neighbors house.  His Comcast internet had been out since June 26.  The tech was nice enough to come and do a cursory check of my house before he left.  He determined that I definitely needed a drop line to start.  So when 7:45p rolled around, I called Comcast on the phone at which time they "assured" me that the drop tech may be running late but if he did not arrive on June 27 that he would the next morning on June 28.  This phone agent actually said that he talked to two supervisors to confirm this. During the early afternoon on June 28, I got on chat and was "assured" by Pankaj that the drop tech would arrive by 5p with the agent stating "yes you are absolutely correct".  When I asked "and what if he doesn't", I was told "be assured" he will.   No one arrived on June 28.  Again, I logged onto chat shortly after 5:00p and was told by Nidhi that the drop had been rescheduled to June 30 between 8a-8p.  When I questioned all of the delays, Nidhi said "be assured this time the technician is arranged for Saturday for sure and the cables will be buried the same day.  I personally made sure about it.  I just confirmed with my manager and yes the technician are surely going to work on this Saturday to bury the cables".  This is the point where I point blank asked the chat agent where he was located and he said in India and he confirmed that he was talking to me from India.  When I confronted the agent in chat that they have no idea what is going on at the location in the United States, this is the response: "we do not know what's happening in United States but as you said you have issue with your services and hence we have arranged a US technician to get this resolved for you who will also take care of your services".


So, here it is not almost 10:00p on June 28. This is now the 7th day this has been going on. No one from Comcast has called and no one has been here to drop a line.  There is a service appointment scheduled for June 29 1p-3p and drop line appointment is supposedly set for June 30.  I find this hard to comprehend especially since Comcast advertises how they "care" about customers but this is the level of service that is being offered to "customers".  And regarding the quotes above by the chat agents, I have the screenshots of what they said saved.  What is truly aggravating is that the customer has absolutely no way to escalate matters like this.  I have to believe that this would qualify for a legitimate consumer complaint, especially with some of the fraudulent things the Xfinity chat agents are telling customers.  Why would I not seek another service provider?

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Re: Complete customer service failure

To clear up alot of confusion language barriers cause, most any agent can pull up your account and see what is going on(regardless of where they are) When they say they assure you that "this is going to happen, or that is going to happen" it is likely because they have scheduled/rescheduled the work order for this time, and have added notes to ensure that the tech working the order sees them. They have no control after that point, if the job is pushed out because of whatever reason (busy day, orders ran over scheduled slots, weather, etc) So these people you are talking to, are giving you the info real time. Some departments CAN reach out to the dispatch where the tech is located, most can't. It depends what number you call, and what time you call, and how the system routes you on who you reach. These agents aren't lying to you, the field techs who are rescheduling your order over and over again are the ones to be upset with. It may not even be Comcast, it could be, and is likely, a contractor. Your drop line may require certain types of techs/equipment to do the job, making it even harder to get done due to scarcity of the tech/equipment type. I know it isn't fun to go without service, but don't be upset with the people who are not responsible.

Re: Complete customer service failure

Hi @J_Oldham,

Thank you for visiting the forums! Sorry to hear about your issues. 


I've asked a corporate employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Complete customer service failure

The bottom line is this: no matter if it’s Comcast, ATT, or whoever, the company is ultimately responsible for the design of their customer service response system and managing the availability of response resources. They are also responsible for what they tell customers. Regardless of who is rescheduling these appointments, the number one failure here is the lack of communication. Not once has anyone called me to even state that the service appointments are being rescheduled despite the fact that these agents keep saying that the technician will call you. Apparently no one is reading the notes on the account. If you think this any of this acceptable, you should go out to social media and see what current and former Xfinity customers are writing. ATT recently installed fiber in this area and people are dropping Xfinity here for one reason: terrible response and lack of communication with customers. Here’s the facts on this case: the lightning strike affected me and two neighbors. Two of us have Xfinity and one has ATT. ATT responded on 2 days. For my neighbor, his service call and resolution was 6 days. Mine is still ongoing. And I’ll leave you with this last piece that I didn’t disclose because the Xfinity employees (plural) said this under anonymity: the call center people and chat people are reading from scripts, they are trained to give customers the “run around” if pressured, and the field techs who try to excel at customer service onsite are few and far between. These comments from their own people. So don’t tell me this is a language barrier or something else. There’s a total customer service failure from the top down. It’s one thing to believe that but it’s another to be on the receiving end of it and then hear it from the employees themselves.
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Re: Complete customer service failure

Hello J_Oldham. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you have endured. I can assist with reviewing your account and any pending tech visits scheduled on your account. We certainly want to get your service restored as soon as possible. So that I can assist, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number.

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