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Comcast/ Xfinity tech visit scam???

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Comcast/ Xfinity tech visit scam???

Lessons Learned: Always ask the customer care representative to read the notes that he took of your case; Double check please. Especially when you are calling to Comcast.


I bought Comcast TV and Internet services last month. After receiving the toolkit, I self- installed everything with the help over the phone and haven’t got any physical tech support from the Comcast. The service worked fine and everything was good. After several days, a tree branch fall down on the cable, which was outside my house and it split the cable. Then I called the customer care and informed about this clearly. The customer care representative took notes and said he will send a tech support for my house. Because I knew about the tech support TRICKS that Comcast is doing I clearly asked him more than twice, to confirm that the tech support is only needed for the external issue and I do not need any tech support inside my house. He agreed and also clearly said that I will not be charged for a matter outside of my house.

The tech came after three days, on a scheduled appointment and fixed the cable and left. He never came inside my house. I was with him all the time. As soon as the cable was fixed, the internet and TV services came back online without touching anything. I did not need to call to Comcast or do anything. It worked totally fine right after that fix.

However, I was alarmed and stunned after seeing this month’s bill. It has an extra charge of $60.00 stating professional install (in-home service visit).

The very first this that I did was to call the customer care and ask about this. The lady was bit rude first and said that I took the tech support for installation. She thought I tried to self-install it first and failed, then got the tech support. I explained to her that I had the service for several days and the only thing that I requested a tech support is for the cable break-down issue, which was outside of my house and I should not be charged for that. Then she said the previous customer care representative may have classify it wrong and that may be why it shows in my bill. When she reads the previous customer care representative’s ticket it only has that I need tech support to get the connection, which I never requested. He did not mentioned anything about the cable break-down or outside house tech support. She said the only thing she can do is to issue an escalation ticket. I am signed in for auto payment and this total amount will charged from my card automatically. I have to wait till the next bill comes, praying to see the adjustments. If I do not see that they have done it, I may have to call again and wait. Did I do something wrong? Yes, the only mistake from my end (that I can think of) was not to asking the customer care representative to read the notes that he took.

The customer care representative is someone who is representing the company? So why am I suffering for the mistakes that the company made?

I’ve heard many complaints about this tech support tricks from Comcast. Their service is great and that’s why we became customers. I still do not understands why they try to trick their customers and snatch their money. Many of us do not have time to tail these guiles. So I know many people just pay it and forget. The questions I have are, is this because of bad customer care representatives? Or does this comes from the core? If so, is this a scam?

Finally, something to think through.

  • Amazon did not kill the retail industry. They did it to itself with bad customer service.
  • Netflix did not kill Blockbuster. They did it to itself with ridiculous late fees.
  • Uber did not kill the taxi business. They did it to itself with limited the number of taxis and fare control.
  • Apple did not kill the music industry. They did it to itself by forcing people to buy full-length albums.
  • Airbnb did not kill the hotel industry. They did it to itself with limited availability and pricing options.

What will say about Comcast in few years? 


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Re: Comcast/ Xfinity tech visit scam???

Hi Xfint,


I can understand your frustration. I'd like to review your account to ensure we were able to get your credit applied. Please send me a private message verifying the first and last name of the account holder, and the street address associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me. 

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Re: Comcast/ Xfinity tech visit scam???

Are any of these Issues ever resolved? It would be nice if the Original Poster, or Comcast rep that assists them here in the forums, would post how the OP's problems/complaints were resolved!