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Comcast Invalid / Fraudulent Billing (again)

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Comcast Invalid / Fraudulent Billing (again)

Here we go again, with the invalid/fraud charges comcast bills you... But this time it is quite ridiculous.


I was charged $120 for a tech coming out to fix a problem that had nothing to do with self-installation, but yet again, they label it as "failed self installation" and still charge. Not a surprise, as this happens to numerous customers, and I already have had experiences like this from previous years. But, this time, knowing what they will do, I noted everything and took extra caution, but of course, they charged me regardless.


One of the bedroom was not getting a signal after self-installation. After being on the phone with an agent to fix the issue, she tells me that there must be an issue from an outside source that they can only fix with a tech being sent out. I specifically went over with her multiple times, "I do not want to be charged any fees for a visit, because this is not a failed self-install and I did not request a tech visit." She assurred me over and over, "This is a problem on our side, and we will send a tech to look at it and fix it, be assurred you will not be charged." I asked her to note all this on her side, and I will take note as well, and she re-assurred me over and over.


Next day, the tech comes out, looks at the bedroom outlet, then goes outside the house to fix the issue. Comes back in later, and asks me if I want HD, because apparently it was not part of the plan. He was wondering why I picked up all the HD equipment including HD boxes they offered, and apparently it was not even included in the promo plan I subscribed. So he simply said he will add it on the plan, and I just need to speak to one of the agents on the phone to confirm the order. I went over with him multiple times to make sure that I do not want to be charged with some ridiculous fee like "failed self install" or other fees. 


This is where it gets funny. The tech himself tells me "Man, I have no other option but to check off this as failed self-install, because that is what they sent me for, and I am not allowed to change it. You should double check to make sure they don't charge you, because regardless what they say before my visit, they charge you for everything..." Even the tech warned me that I will be charged... So with his advice, I go online to chat again next day, and re-confirm that there will be no charges, because this visit was initiated by them and the tech took care of an issue outside the house that was causing the failure.


And today, the new bill arrives, significantly higher than what I was told, so I call in, and as expected: $60 tech visit fee + $60 failed installation fee. Just simply ridiculous. 


I went online to chat again, and they tell me that nothing was noted regarding this visit, except that it was a failed install from my side and that I needed a tech. They will waive $60, but I will have to pay the other $60. I was infuriated, and called them directly. After arguing about half an hour, they said they will send an email to investigate this to the finance team, but they admitted that the first $60 charged was an invalid charge from their side. What is an invalid charge? They said a charge for the visit that occurred, that they scheduled should not have been charged, but that I am still going to be charged $60 for the failed self installation fee. WHAT???? Makes no sense, how am I being charged with a failed self-install when they made an invalid visit? And how is this a failed self install, when they had issues clearly outside my own home that was affecting my home? I was just shocked and ridicluled with what they were telling me. I asked them to put the manager on the phone, and they said she will call back because she's busy. Haven't heard back yet after over an hour now. It is not a suprise comcast was hit for millions of dollars last year by the FCC for fraduaulent billing practices.


Also another ridiculous fact I learned from this incident. Comcast gives you a 30 day grace period to cancel your subscription with them on the contract plans. They send you your new bill just couple days after that grace period is over, so that you cannot terminate without penalties, because of incidents like this that makes you want to terminate everything.


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Re: Comcast Invalid / Fraudulent Billing (again)

Just spoke with a supervisor on the phone after an hour of waiting. They double charged the visit 2x $60, so it was their mistake, but she will not remove all of the charge because I let the Technician inside my home, therefore it was an authorized visit regardless what the issue was. She says that I should not have let him in.


What a joke. 


If anyone experiences this kind of bizzare incident, please file a complaint below. Not sure how effective it is, but this kind of scam needs to stop.


Re: Comcast Invalid / Fraudulent Billing (again)

Hi jsmlee1207 -- I can help with that tech charge. I reviewed your account to have this additional charge removed however that charge has been removed already. Looks like this happened during your call with that Supervisor. Please be sure to continue to alert us to any billing errors and we will work to have them corrected. 

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Re: Comcast Invalid / Fraudulent Billing (again)

We are first time Xfinity customers.  We went online and signed up for a bundle Preffered Double Play Digital Preferred 220+  Performance Pro.  Sound impressive, right?  Well we just had our HD box to our HD TV, and surprise... we can't see any of the HD channels unless we pay extra. 


I've called Comcast and they say that even though its on the website and on my plan, it doesn't mean we get it.  In fact, we have to pay extra to get HD.  It says it nowhere on that false advertising site.  There's no asterick saying, "btw, you'll need to pay extra for HD, even though its listed on your channel line-up". 


Went online and saw numerous reports about Comcast fraudulent billing issues.   If it does not include the price for HD on their website, I consider this false advertising.  From what I can see, this has been going on for years,and there's been a lot of complaint,I think enough for them to take a minute and make a notation on their webpages.  How hard could that be!