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Comcast Customer Service is pathetic and I still have no answers!

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Comcast Customer Service is pathetic and I still have no answers!

I have had Comcast cable service for 12 years at my residence. I have had their modem with the service. At the time I was REQUIRED to purchase basic cable to get the internet service (which was never used and a sham). I am sick and tired of wasting my time and money and all the lies. I want someone to refund me what is due for all this nonsense!


Recently contacted Comcast to get a 2nd modem installed for my split level house and replace the current modem as it was defective.  After 2 hours on the phone, a manager was going to contact me back about it the 2nd modem scenario but 3 days later… no phone call.

3 days later -

Technician came out to replace my current modem... and didn't even know about the 2 hour conversation I had with previous online support about it.

Technician said he cannot setup 2nd modem but go to local office to get the modem. Secondly tech asked about my cable box. I said “What cable box?” When the service was setup 12 years ago I was ‘given one’ and then charged for it for 12 YEARS but it doesn’t reflect this on the bill!
Tech mentioned it was probably stolen by the local installer as they have fired many for doing this.

2 days later -

Went to local office and picked up 2nd modem. Customer service tech said call 800 number to get it setup.
Went back home, called 800 number and was on phone for 2 hours arguing about 2nd modem and how I wanted it, then was told it wasn’t possible. Explained that I was told numerous times how to do it but they refused.  Comcast rep conveniently told me about Xfi pods and that would remedy my situation. Fine. On to the other issue… billing.

Go ahold of billing and explained about how I have been getting overcharged and I want a refund for the last 12 years!  They said they would get a special investigative manager on this and they cancelled the service and billing of cable box and only would refund me 3 months worth. I would have to wait for the manager to call me about the rest. Fine.

A few days later –

Went online and purchased the 3 pack X-fi pods and got them sent to my house. They charged my bill for $110.

When they arrived, I spent 1 hour trying to get them to work… nothing worked! I proceeded to call support and waited ANOTHER hour only to be told they have no training on these and do not know what to do. Eventually they came back and said… the “activation server” is offline for 24 hours and try again tomorrow.  Honestly?! 

I waited 2 days…

Tried it again… NONE OF THE 3 would activate or work.  2 hours wasted on this… I am done with these pieces of junk and decide to return them.

Took them to the local office and they would not accept them and refund them. They were not a “xfinity retail store”. They finally got me a ticket for returning it after wasting 1 hour in the store and talking to the manager via my phone that he called. I had to either take them to the UPS store and they ship it to Comcast or the remote store across town and get a refund. I went to the remote retail store seeing as I wanted my $110 back asap for all this BS.

Spent time and gas to go over there and got there… imagine this… they refused to take them.  I complained and got the tech to finally take them and basically forced him to give me a receipt for it so I had proof. I should expect a refund in 2-3 weeks?!  THIS IS UTTER BS!

So here I am… I have 3 xfi pods in limbo waiting to get my $110 back.

I have over $1500 refund waiting to be approved to come back to me…

I have spent over 2 days in time WASTED dealing with all this back and forth and being on the phone over and over. I get paid $75 an hour and consider a work day 8 hours. Therefore I have lost $1200 right there in time!!!!

I have spent $15 in gas going back and forth dealing with all this nonsense.

So Comcast…  Where is my $1500 refund?  What about my $1215 is wasted time and gas?!? What about my $110 for these non working pods?!




Re: Comcast Customer Service is pathetic and I still have no answers!

Hi @Prowlinger

Sorry about all of your issues.


  • Comcast is not going to refund you $1500 for the box rental. The onus is on you to dispute your bill with 120 days. This is why they refunded the three months. This is explained in the residential user agreement
  • They are not going to reimburse you for incidentals such as gas and lost wages.
  • I don't know that the xFi pods are refundable, but they do have a warranty.


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