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Comcast Accountibility with Returned Equipment

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Comcast Accountibility with Returned Equipment

On Feb. 12, 2014, I finally cancelled my Comcast Internet Service after having the service since 1999.  I was pretty much over paying the exorbitant price for internet only.  I had called a few times to see if I could get a discount of some type because as a federal employee, finances were getting a bit tight.  The last time I called, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, with no way to continue to make the payments and no new promotion offered I cancelled the account with Marie in Loyalty, her ID was l;r,  She sent me a box with a UPS call tag to send the modem back which I did a few weeks after cancellation.  And it would behoove the service to track down that call tag and search the warehouse to see when it was received as that had the Cisco modem in it.

Then began the fun calls about unreturned equipment.  Threatening letters about charging my account up to $470.00 for unreturned equipment.  FINAL COLLECTION NOTICE. Your account has been charged up to $470.00 each for unreturned Comcast converters or modems. Payment in full of all unpaid service charges and return of all Comcast equipment is necessary to avoid additional collection action. Questions? Call 888-824-4010.  I called that number and was told they are a third party for equipment return, but they can't help me.  Call 800-266-2278 and tell them you need "downgrade disconnect" and that will take you to resolution.  You try calling that number and see if you can get out of the loop for either setting up service or disconnecting service...I finally got through only to be told the department is closed.


I work in a call center during business hours and both the resolution department and the billing department are apparently open the same time I am at work and I cannot get this issue resolved because those that can help are behind a black hole that no one can reach!  Comcast customer service SUCKS!


The issue is that Comcast thinks I haven't returned a Motorola Surfboard 5100 (I think is the model number) Docsis 2.0 modem that was replaced with a Cisco Docsis 3.0 back on 7/17/10.  Technician Number 3560 came out on that day to upgrade my modem and the one he brought from the warehouse never synced up with the signal, so he got the Cisco modem out of the truck and that synced right up.  But what he did on the invoice was to write in modem from warehouse bad and then wrote Rec'd and drew an arrow to a Serial # 9XXXXXXXXXXX.  Now I don't know if that is the Cisco modem or not, but he removed the old Motorola Surfboard 5100 Serial # 000BXXXXEFXX and tried to get the modem from the warehouse to work, Serial # 00XXEXXXDXX.  The latter one never worked and he took it with him when he left.


Almost 4 years later, Comcast is now trying to squeeze me for a Motorola modem that probably doesn't even work with the service and that I never had possession of.  I worked for Comcast for 9 years, and these were the very same issues back then, accountability with the technicians.  Back then, we made our customers jump through hoops to prove they returned the modems, when we as a company should have held ourselves accountable for the very same thing.  Apparently nothing has changed over the years.


This is the email I sent back on May 29, 2014 and received this response back: 


Dear Comcast Customer,


Thank you for contacting the office of Tom Karinshak. We value your feedback. Please know that we are actively investigating your concern. A representative from Tom Karinshak's office will contact you within 24 hours.


 In the meantime, if you have additional questions, please visit, to view FAQs, video tutorials, and other support tools. You may also find our support forums helpful.





Your Comcast Support Team


No one has contacted me.  Please for the love of God, get this resolved!

Problem Solver

Re: Comcast Accountibility with Returned Equipment


If its the 4-5 years ago modem they are attempting to bill you for, ....

(but in any case), before you worry about proving equipment was returned, insist Comcast first provide documentation that you rcvd the equipment in the first place. (something with your sigature showing you rcvd the equipment).


With 3rd party collection, don't dicuss anything with them but advise them that you "Dispute the validity of the claim".   Important that you send the agency that statement of dispute asap via US Registered Mail with "return rcpt" service also  so you have proof you notified them.  Otherwise the agency is likely to move forward with collection process.





New Poster

Re: Comcast Accountibility with Returned Equipment

Do you have any idea what address it should go to? 


And yeah, it's the Motorola that I never had possession of that they suddenly want 4 years after the fact. 


I bet if I get one of the TV News channels involved, they might suddenly care that I have been trying to resolve this for the last 3 months.

Problem Solver

Re: Comcast Accountibility with Returned Equipment


I'm always skeptical.

Both phone numbers you listed seem to be more related to 3rd party marketing vendor.

The "888"  3rd party one you prev called should be able to give you their US Mail address & a case number to reference if its a valid collection attempt.


Consider also contacting  Corporate Customer Support for help, that you're being billed for unreturned  equipment that was never issued to you.



full name.
service address.
phone number.  (where you can be reached)
previous account number.
link to this thread.
details of the issue.