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Chicago area Internet fee shell game

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Chicago area Internet fee shell game

So. Comcast offers $70 per month, 1Gig down (cable, not fiber) service with unlimited cap on a three-year contract. Seems no one can take advantage of it. Go ahead, google it - I'll wait.


Ok, see what I mean? No one. Period. Not in Chicago, Oak Park, Forest Park or Villa Park - nada. Is this false advertising? They call it a test period. I call it bait and switch.


In fact, according to reps - there are no packages above 150 down with TV service. If you want 300 or higher, those are at retail price. HUH? 


If I'm wrong, I sure would love to eat my words and be happy to do so in public. But to prove me wrong, I guess I'd need to get one of these unicorn $70 for 1gig plans. Really fed up of being offered Blast or Xtreme... please GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK CORPORATE SKULL... I NEED high speed uploads. I am a web developer who sends projects to servers all the time. To me 1gig down/5meg up even if $25 is useless. But 1gig/40 - especially at $70 without limits, that's worth something.

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Re: Chicago area Internet fee shell game


Hello pdee, although Gigabit speeds are rolling out in some areas your neighborhood may not be quite ready for those services. To check if Gigabit services are available to you please follow the instructions listed below. 


1. Go to microsite ( and scroll down to “Shop XFINITY: View All Internet Offers”

2. Put your street address in the box.

3. Three Internet options will appear, but to see Gigabit offers they must select “View All Offers”

4. IF Gigabit is available in your area, an option for Gigabit will appear toward the bottom of Internet-only options. Please select “Learn More” to sign up using the form (that can be directly accessed here:

Gig Map

For existing customers

1. Please sign into your Xfinity account.

2. If it is available in your area. Please click “Learn More” to direct them to the signup form.

3. If it’s not available in your area. “Upgrade now” will take you to change your internet speeds.

We can offer you our new Gigabit service as well. If your interest in upgrading to this, here is the details: