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Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

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Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Im an IT specialist who has been a Comcast subscriber for years. I have referred numerous people including friends, family and people that I do work for. The company that I work for has referred numerous businesses to Comcast as well. I even coordinated with Comcast support to repair multiple issues at my apartment building that had been causing poor cable and internet signals for years due to a box that was a rusting tangled mess of wires, open and exposed to the elements.(Finally after taking pictures and contacting the right people, we got a new box put in and wires organized and locked). But that's a whole other story...

I have had the Blast Plus! Package for some time and never had a problem. I always used my own modem and router and have been conscious to avoid contracts as they are antiquated and unnecessary.
I continued to renew my Blast Plus! package over the years but recently decided to move to a new state that Comcast does not service. I called Comcast to set a date to cancel my services...
When I did this, I was told that I would be charged an "Early Termination Fee" as if Comcast needed to be reimbursed for something that wasn't paid for in its entirety due to my departure.
I was confused and explained that I was not in a contract, had no use for a contract, never asked for a contract, and never agreed to a contract.
I was told that the contract wasn't for my plan, but for the free HBO that was added (not that I care about or ever watched HBO) but this was just offered as part of the package. It then became clear that the point of the free HBO add-on wasn't just promotional, but as a way to trick people into a contract.
Because of this, I am now being stuck with an early termination fee.

I explained to the person that I was not OK with this, that I never agreed to a contract nor was one ever implied and that it was sleazy and underhanded to try to pull this, especially with a long-time customer.
I was told that they could (arbitrarily) waive half of the fee, but that they couldn't entirely waive it because they have supporting paperwork.

At this point, the fee is only like $60, but it's the principal of the matter. I'm really disappointed that there wasn't someone who could look at this and say, "Oh, I see what happened. Well we appreciate you being with us for so long and definitely don't want your parting experience to be... This".

I don't know if there's anything that can be done, but if nothing else, I thought this should be documented.
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Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Well, that's a new one to me. I never heard of a contract for HBO? I'll ask an employee to help you with this. Keep us posted please.You should expect a reply soon.

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.
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Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I've never heard of it either. Maybe they were incorrect in their assessment, but that is the explanation that I was given. It was the promotional HBO package that had a 2-year contract. It looks like the HBO charge showed on my bill but was removed via an equal credit amount.

FYI, I have been at this current address for 3 years. A year ago, my previous promotion had expired and I went with this one. I will be cancelling this current package at exactly 1 year.

What would make sense to me is that this was some sort of different promotional version of the usual no-contract Blast Plus! package that included HBO. Because of this addition, rather than simply providing the promotional rate for 2years, it required a contract for two years?

Either way, it's not much money. I'm just disappointed and I would think if someone with some sense looked at it, they would just waive it. I don't know what kind of pressure the cancellation/retention specialists are under to bring in money or retain customers.

Thanks again for following up with me.
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Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Maybe I should just stop in at the local office and see if someone there is reasonable?

Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Hi GorillaP -- I reviewed your account and the information you've been told about HBO is accurate. On 3/18/2016 you had renewed your Blast Plus service. What you renewed it for was a price point that had a 2 year price lock and would give you HBO free for 2 years. This required a contract agreement to get this price lock and HBO free for 2 years. I reviewed your contract and it does show that it was accepted the same day. These early termination fees would be valid since this contract was accepted and the contract states full termination of an account for any reason while under contract results in early termination fees. 

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Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

That's absolutely horrible.

And this show only gets worse...

I scheduled to have my internet disconnected on 4/2, and went to return my cable box today as it was the only equipment that needed to be returned (I have my own modem).
I get home and they decided to disconnect my services without telling me.
I call and wait on hold for a half hour for "the best solution" to be found and was told that I would receive a call back from sales within 2 hours to reactivate the account until 4/2. They did thank me for being a long-time customer though...

It's been over 3 hours and I was just on the phone for another half hour trying to work through a severe language barrier and an even more severe reluctance to allow me to speak with a supervisor, only to be told there is nothing to be done and I can only wait for a call back that may take 24-72 hours.

Re: Charged Early Termination Fee for free add-on.

Apologies if your service was disconnected early. Looks like the agent you returned your box to processed that disconnection request. Agent may have had a misunderstanding of what needed to be done.