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While this story may sound unbelievable, it is 100% true.


On Wednesday April 9th I arrived home from work to see that my Internet and OnDemand had both stopped working. After doing the normal troubleshooting with no luck, I resided to just try again the next day. When the same troubleshooting was not working Thursday evening, I placed a call to technical support. We spent at least an hour troubleshooting with no luck. Support sent multiple signals to both the cable box and modem unsuccessfully and ultimately decided that they were unrelated issues. Seeing that they could no longer communicate with my modem, the Rep advised that the modem must be the issue and should be replaced.  The first call ended with the rep transferring me to the TV dept to fix the “unrelated” OnDemand issue. Again, we spend an hour troubleshooting with no luck. This rep, however, promised to log a ticket to get the issue corrected. Whatever happened to this ticket, I do not know.


Believing my modem was the cause of my internet issue; I drove to the store and spent $100 on a new one.  Just like my existing modem, the new one did not work. Again I called technical support, now very late in the evening.  Again we went through troubleshooting steps which got us nowhere. This rep finally advised that I had not registered the new modem to which they gave me another telephone number to call with automated modem registration. I followed the automated menu several times but it was not registering. Again I had to call technical support to troubleshoot, requiring us to go thru the same steps that I had just gone over with the other rep an hour ago. Upon stressing to this rep that we were getting nowhere, they agreed to schedule a technician visit. This is where everything got really screwed up…..


The same rep that scheduled the technician visit assured me that they would make up for my hassle by giving me the best deal possible. At the time I had the double play package with the starter channel lineup for $129 per month, including HD/DVR, fees, taxes, etc. After waiting on hold for quite some time the rep came back offering the triple play package with the preferred channel lineup for only $2 more per month. Of course I had to say yes, and I was signed up without any further discussion. Much to my dismay, the technician visit had to be scheduled for the following Saturday. All the available times were during the day when my wife and I are at work. Normally I work from home, but not when the internet is out… Luckily I got online and attempted to reschedule the visit. Low and behold there were 5 o’clock appointment times that the rep NEVER mentioned. Still we were only able to move the visit up by one day to Friday 4/18.


The technician, not a Comcast employee, was very friendly and courteous. Upon arriving, they mentioned something that did not really worry me at the time. Per the technician, the service call was put into the system as a new home wiring, not an outage issue. He had come expecting to wire a new home when the issue was with an outage. Again, I did not worry about it and just wanted my service fixed. He checked everything inside the apartment and confirmed what we already knew….  This was not an issue with our modem or the wiring in our apartment. The technician then went outside to check whatever boxes are mounted outside the apartment. Sure enough there was an old filter on the box that was once used to restrict cable or internet access. Once removed, internet and onDemand access was immediately restored.  How these services had worked trouble free for a year prior, he did not know. Finally my internet was back up after being out for 8 days. It’s all over…. So I thought.


April 21st, my newest bill becomes available. I logged into my account thinking I would see a bill for $131 ($129 + $2 to upgrade). Instead I am faced with a whopping $294 bill. How could this be? The internet outage was caused by a filter put on the system outside of my control and my upgrade was only supposed to cost $2 more per month. I check the bill and see that the new monthly charges are not $2 more, but closer to $30 more. Not only this, I was charged $39.95 for an In-Home Service visit, $60 for the installation of two outlets and $9.95 for the new box that I apparently needed but was not told about. Then it dawned on me… just like the technician mentioned, they put this in the system as a new home wiring. Nobody bothered to change it and I now have a bill full of false charges.


I immediately called customer service and explained my issue. I’d already been drug thru the mud to get my internet fixed, and now I’m having to call to get fraudulent charges removed from my account. The rep was overly apologetic and promised to open a ticket to remove the $109. Assuming tax is also removed, I was looking to get the bill down to $175, still $43 than what I was told. I then explained to the rep that I was being charged more than agreed upon to which they offered to remove the $8 modem charge and get my bill down to $126 per month. I agreed and was told that the charges would be removed in the next few days. I also had to ask them to add the proration for internet outage, even though I was promised that it would automatically show up on the account. Thinking this was finally cleared up, I went ahead and paid $145, thinking that would cover what I actually owe.


Fast forward to a month later. My May bill becomes available and I pull it up online. Again I am expecting to see something around $130, and again I am faced with a whopping $277 bill.  Checking the charges, I see that the $109 that was to be removed is now past due. Along with this, there is a new late charge of $10 and my Eco-bill discount of $5 had been removed. Here we go again….


Called billing support and gave them the exact same story that I had given the rep before. Again the rep was overly apologetic and promised that they could get this taken care of. According to this rep, the first rep entered the ticket incorrectly which is why it was declined. Why was I not notified of this, who knows? Seeing that I had already gone thru this process once, I begged the rep to let me speak with a supervisor. The rep assured me that all supervisors were busy but she could get a ticket opened to correct the issue. Unlike the other rep, this one did not think I should get refunded for the in-home service visit, which was only required because a faulty filter installed outside by Comcast. I had to explained multiple times that I should not be changed for this, to which she finally agreed to open two different tickets, one for the visit and the other for the outlet installation charges. She refunded me the late fee of $10 and then advised that she could not help me with eco bill being removed. To get help with this she transferred me over to the retention dept.

After waiting on hold for many more minutes, the retention department tells me the same thing… We cannot do anything about the eco bill being removed, but you should go online to make sure you are signed up. I did go online and I was still signed up. At this point I was not going to call back about the $5 credit because it just wasn’t worth the hassle. There were two new tickets to get the charges removed, and surely they won’t screw it up again…


Fast forward to one week ago and the charges are still on my account. I called in once again and got a rep that was not helpful at all. When I asked if she could look up my tickets, she responded by asking for ticket numbers. When I told her I was not given any ticket numbers she said that she could not look them up. Again, supervisors were unavailable and I was told to call back the following day if I wanted to speak with a supervisor.


I called back he following morning only to be told that the rep’s supervisor was not available but they could have them give me a call back later in the morning. I agreed and provided my cell phone for contact. The day went on and I never got the call back. Upon arriving home from work, I again called billing support to be told that all supervisors were gone for the day but that the “supervisor hotline” was available starting at 7am and a rep could transfer me to a supervisor if requested.


I called back the following morning to be told something completely different. Not only was the rep unaware of a supervisor hotline, but their supervisor was not available and would have to call me back. Again I agreed and provided my cellphone number, and, again, I got no call back. For two days in a row, I was promised a call back and it never happened. I did, however, get a call from someone else at Comcast to let me know that my service would be shut off in a week because of the past due amount. At this point I don’t know what to do…


Not the one to give up easily, I called back in for the third morning in a row. This time I waited until a little later in the day to make sure supervisors would be available. On this morning I got a rep that was a little more helpful than the previous. They were able to look up my most recently logged tickets and confirm that they were logged incorrectly once again. Apparently they were logged with something to the extent of "customer thinks charges should be removed". It did not mention any of the important info that would idicate that this was a mistake, even though I explained the issue from begging to end. Again I tried to get a supervisor, and again I was told that they were all busy and that they would call me back. While I was obviously not very keen on this, the rep promised me that they would call me back themselves. When they finally called back, it was with both good and bad news.  There was no supervisor to speak with but they were able to get the $5 ecobill restored to my account (minus the $4 charge from when it was removed the previous month and the $5 credit for this month). They again asked me why the technician came to the apartment, which I explained for at least the 20th time. The rep then agreed to remove the $60 outlet installation fee this month and said they would remove the $40 in-home service visit next month, but could not do it all now because of limitations.  While this is hardly what I am looking for, I really had no other option but to say okay.


The rep removed $60 instantly, but this did not remove the taxes and fees associated with the charge. Knowing that my service would be shut off four days later, I had to go ahead and pay the reaming balance, even though it is not really owed. At this point I have the first name and extension from a rep in Indiana who is promising to remove the rest of the fraudulent charges next month. I have been dealing with this for two months now and I have to wait at least another month to see if this will even get done. If it doesnt, I will have to track this rep down as they are the only one to offer any help at all. If anyone has the power to escalate this to someone who cares, I would love to have a chat.

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To those suggesting to email <>; Thank you! 


I emailed this mailbox last night and was called by someone from corporate this afternoon. They immediately credited me for the ammount in question. This still took far too long and way to much effort, but I think my issue is finally resovled. 

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Customer service sucks. 

They should be ashame of themselves.  The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!!

You can never speak to a human that knows what is going on.  I have been told a zillion times I would be getting a credit, since Feb!!  Hello UVerse.


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I switched to Comcast in February . I should have known there woud be problems when I never got a confirmation of the services I signed up for which was a promotion which included internet and tv, HBO,Streampix, and Show Time for 3 months for a set fee. The price I was quoted for installation, was wrong, then the service I purchased for tv which was a HD package didn't include the "HD technology fee", I was charged for more set top boxes then I had installed and I called to try to straighten it out and was told it would be corrected on next months bill for the additional box charge.I have been with them for almost 5 months my bill hasn't been the same yet. I have made several calls to the customer service reps and I"m about fed up with the lack of understanding because I have yet to get a reasonable explanation WHY I Have To Make THE SAME CALL AT LEAST 3 TIMES to get anything resolved. The latest the Showtime promotion I called the end of April to find out how to cancel I was told to call anytime before the 12 of the follwing month to cancel for the next billing cycle.So I called back in May and told them to cancel the Show Time channel at the end of the billling cycle for this month, of course I was told it would be taken care of. Forward to this month the bill comes out and there is the charge AGAIN. I call and get yet another person who speaks english marginally and is extremelly difficult to understand and has no clue as to what I'm talking about, can you hold. Gets back on the phone and says did you call for additional outlets(WHAT), no I called to cancel showtime, you didn't schedule an appointment for a technician(NO). Hold , ok thanks for holding just go ahead and pay the bill and you'll be credited on next monthe bill. I said no I won't be credited on next months bill this has been going on for 5 months, and I want to know why I have made 3 phones calls about this issue and it's obviously not been resolved yet.(reply) I'm sorry I can't answer that . Ok can I have your ID number ,(reply) why do you want that  can you hold ? Comes back on the phone my ID is /////// and disregard the bill and pay this amount . Ok so the service will be terminated on the end of the billing cycle which I have already paid for last month ,correct. Yes was the answer so last night my wife wants to watch something on that channel since we only have a few days left, surprise it's gone. I just hope that this is the last problem but next months bill will tell the tale . If it's not right I'm done it's back to FIOS 5 months of this is enough unneccessary aggravation