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Bad Customer Service

A few Saturdays ago I went to leave my townhouse just to find that I my path was blocked by a Comcast truck.  A new neighbor moved into the unit next door and apparently was getting cable service.  I went to find the Comcast tech to get him to move his truck.  He was down at the street working on the box so I yelled down to him that he needed to move his truck.  He just looked up and then went right back to work totally ignoring me.  So I yelled again and he still ignores me.  Finally I walk down the street and again say he needs to move the truck and he finally decides to get up and do it.


While walking back to his truck he complains that I wasn't asking him nicely.  I tell him that first he blocks me in by parking in front of my garage and then ignores me when I call down to him and he now thinks I need to ask him nicely.  Yea, right.  I ask him his name and he'll only tell me his first name.  I ask him who's his supervisor and he won't tell me.  He then starts smerking at me while dragging his feet in moving the truck.


I take off and come back a little over an hour later.  The truck is still there parked in front of my neighbors unit and I can see the tech is just leaving.  I get into my townhouse, turn on the TV, and find I don't have TV service.  I quick check shows I also don't have internet either.  I immediately suspect the tech who was working down at the box probably disconnected me.


I contact customer service, tell them I don't have service, and tell them I suspect the tech that was here for my neighbor probably disconnected me.  I go through the normal checks and finally the agent agrees I was probably disconnected.  I tell him to send someone back and get me reconnected.  He says he can't do that.  It's late on Saturday afternoon and the all the service appointments will be booked.  But he tells me that he'll have someone call me to schedule appointment and I should be able to get one for Sunday morning and he'll give me credit for the day without service.  I also tell him about the bad behaviour of the tech and tell him I want a supervisor to call me.


Saturday goes along and I never get a call from anyone.  I end up using my smart phone to check the Comcast site and see there's an email for me.  I read the email and it says that I have an appointment scheduled for Monday between 10-12.  I'm thinking this is really nice.  Through no action of my own I'm now without cable for 2 days and have to take time off work to wait for a cable appointment.  Even more frustrating when I was told I was going to be called and didn't get called.  And even more so when I was told I would get credit for 1 day of lost service and now it looks like it's going to be two days.


Sunday morning I get up and again I go the Comcast site to see if there was something I could do about this.  I discover that I can manage the appointment and was able to get it changed to have someone come out that morning.  A couple hours later a tech comes out.  Not the same tech that was here for my neighbor and surprisingly he didn't park in the driveway at all.  I tell him what happened.  He goes through all the normal checks and then finally agrees I was disconnected at the street.  He gets me reconnected and then drops a new line for my neighbors cable.


This guy is a nice guy and did his work very well and quickly.  I tell him how rude the other tech was.  He tells me the other tech was a contractor and he told the dispatcher about my complaint.  He also tells me that box at the street wasn't labled very well and that's probably why the contractor made the mistake.


I live in a 4 unit townhouse.  Up until now I was the only one receiving cable.  There was one cable running to the street in unbroken line to my unit.  How difficult is it to figure out that the one cable running from the street to the townhouse units belongs to the one paying customer.  Apparently it's impossible for Comcast.


Remember I was told that I would get a call from scheduling?  Never got call.  Remember I was told that a supervisor would contact me regarding the bad behaviour of the tech.  Never got that call.  Remember I was told that I would get credit on my cable bill for the 1 day of last service.  I just got my latest bill and received no credit for the lost service.


I read on this forum comments from ComcastJessie and CCAshley about the great customer service Comcast is committed to giving and I think about my recent experience and I just have to laugh.  Comcast can't help but be Comcast.  I didn't call for service, but ended up being treated very rudely in multiple ways by a tech, lost service, had to spend time to get my service reconnected, and ended up receiving no credit for the lost service.   This is not great customer service.  It's far from it.


For a long time there's been competitors for TV service, but high speed internet was really only avaiable from Comcast in my area.  That's no longer the case.  I can find the services I want from other vendors at competitive prices.  And with the great customer service that Comcast claims to have, I just might have to start looking.










Re: Bad Customer Service

I wood put all this behind me and start over. Actually feel Comcast is one of the better companies to deal with. 30+years

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Re: Bad Customer Service

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to assist you from here. Can you verify your account information with me? I would need your phone number, full name, and service address. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message.

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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