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2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

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2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

First, let me say I have been a continuous Comcast-Xfinity Customer for the last 13 or 14 years.  However, it looks like that is going to change because of the erratic and inaccurate billing/pricing from Comcast the last few months.


In September 2016, my current offer from Comcast was expiring and the price was raised to an amount I could no longer afford to pay.  I spoke to a very nice lady named Melissa about cancelling my account as I was going to move to satellite.  She convinced me to stay with Comcast and lowered my bill while keeping the same services for 2 years, which she guaranteed.  I really appreciated her doing this and felt really good about staying with Comcast.  I even called Comcast back about 10 days later and verified the same price, for 2 years, that Melissa had promised me.


   All was well until the January billing where the price increased about $20.00 monthly to keep the same services.  What happened to the 2 year price guarantee?  I contacted Comcast again by telephone and spoke first to Rona and then Leo.  Leo gave me a partial credit to cover some of the increase but stated the price would still increase slightly because of changes.  (Again, I was told I had a 2 year price guarantee in September 2016.)    


   Since that time, I have not had the same billing amount for February, March, or April, 2017.  Each month has seen a slight increase.  Again, where is the 2 year price guarantee I was promised?


   I have heard from numerous Comcast customers that this is the typical bait and switch that is perpetrated by Comcast to keep people as customers.


   I won't accept this business practice and will be shopping around for another provider that will honor their terms.


   Beware of these types of offers and guarantees for TV/Internet Services from Comcast/Xfinity.......  



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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

As everyone who reads these forums can see, this is exactly how Comcast-Xfinity treats their long time and current customers. 


I really can't understand how they remain a viable cable/internet provider with such obvious disregarad for customers that have problems with ther billing, accounts, and customer service "Guarantees".


Problem Solver

Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

Hello BigMikeFL,


I apologize for any inconvenience. When you spoke to the original agent who offered you the promotion you are in, they were in error when they said your total price was locked in. This is due to the fluctuation of taxes and fees, as well as per your Comcast contract, that all non-bundle pricing is subject to change. We usually have a yearly increase in equipment and fees that raise every customers price, and have done this habitually for the past few years. I understand that the agent you spoke to misrepresented your deal and I again apologize for that . At this time, I do see that you are in the best promotion for your level of service, and you have all available promotions for add-ons and equipment that we have available, including for new customers. At this time, there would be no further way to lower your bill, other than downgrading your service. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

ComcastCurtiss, Thank you for at least the favour of a reply to my posting.

However, your reasons given do not address why my bill has gone up each month for the last 3 months, including this month.

I understand the minor yearly increase clause, even though it is false advertising based on a 2 year price "guarantee".

Additionally, I am in a Comcast Bundled Program with Internet/TV as the package and was told after not only in September 2016, my prices would remain the same, I was told again in January, 2017 after the first price increase.  

My February bill was exactly what I agreed I could still manage to pay for the remainder of my "contract" and was again told that total amount would remain the same by the Comcast Representative. 

Then, in March my bill again increased, and I see now my April bill has once again increased.  There WERE NOT ANY CHANGES on my account or my services but the bill still increases monthly!!!!!!

How can Comcast expect to keep any customers, long time or short time, with these business practices?

If I can't get my bill adjusted back to what it was in February 2017, I will have no choice but to terminate my business with Comcast.

 Regards, BigMikeFL




Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

Have you put your bills side by side to see where the increases have been?  Ordered any movies on On Demand, perhaps?  Some movies come with a price and aren't free.  Ditto for some tv shows.


[I knew a Big Mike in FL.  Lives in Jax.]

I am not a Comcast employee; I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.

If you'd like information about the Expert program, you can find it here.
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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

No Movies or Rentals of any kind.  In fact we have not even watched a free Movie on Demand for probably a year or more.

Not aware of any TV shows that charge extra and did not see same listed on any bill.

The increases are incremental in various areas of the bills included bundled package.

Thanks for your input.



Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

BigMikeFL -- The information ComcastCurtiss has given you is correct. Your contract is being honored as you are receiving the agreed upon package price. Per your contract all ancillary items, such as taxes/fees, are not contract protected. What has changed on your bill are taxes/fees. We would not be able to change these as they are subject to change and are not contract protected. 

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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

Well, all I can say about that is I have been a Comcast Customer for the last 12 or 13 years and never have I had my bills adjust and increase each month.

Comparing the bills over the last few months reveal the taxes remained the same but the "Fees" are what increased.

However, that won't be a problem for long as this is the final "straw that broke the camel's back" with Comcast and I.






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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!