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"New" Paramount Network

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"New" Paramount Network

The main sticky-post message about Spike's change to Paramount Network cannot be replied to, so I am asking here.


According to my November bill, the change from Spike to Paramount Network was also supposed to involve a move from Preferred to Sports/Entertainment. I do not have S/E but can still view the channel. Is this just a delay in the permissions, or are they doing some sort of 'preview' for all viewers?


I have no interest in the network, but was just curious what was going on.


Re: "New" Paramount Network



The change in the Paramount Network to the Sports Entertainment Package will occur in 2018 and will be occurring according to a to be determined schedule. 


You can always submit a Customer Feedback Forum to have that channel added to your current package. Your suggestions help us to reevaluate our channel lineups as well as our overall content delivery, allowing us to create the best customer experience possible.

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