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nfl package

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nfl package

i want know the cost on the NFL package and what exactly it consists of?


can i watch every single thurday and sunday games with this package?


thank you


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Re: nfl package

Comcast does not have a NFL package. The NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to Directv. You can get the NFL Redzone if you subscribed to the sports and entertainment package.🙂

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Re: nfl package

Yes you will get the Thursday and sunday night games if you have I think up to starter package.


you will also get the Sunday morning and sunday afternoon games on Fox and CBS and monday night games on ESPN


If you want to watch a certain team try NFL redzone they show every touchdown from every game from 1pm to 7 pm Eastern. but I think it's only on the Sports and entertainment package.


Re: nfl package



As user dwitham mentioned Comcast does not currently offer NFL Sunday Ticket, however we do offer the NFL RedZone. Every Sunday during the NFL regular season, NFL RedZone provides commercial-free, live coverage of the most exciting moments from around the league as they happen every touchdown, every game, every Sunday. NFL RedZone is available in stunning high-definition (HD)*, which puts you right in the middle of all the action as it happens.


Our Sports Entertainment Package does include NFL RedZone and you can make the upgrade to that package here: Or, if you have XFINITY X1 service, you can use your X1 Voice Remote and say, "Upgrade to NFL RedZone," which will take you to the Manage Channels app to add NFL RedZone to your subscription. (To view NFL RedZone you must subscribe to the Comcast Sports Entertainment Package.)


You can also access NFL extras via our X1 Sports App. The app includes: 

  • A pregame experience that helps you find the most exciting NFL games to watch with win probabilities, injury updates and positional stats
  • Live, play-by-play stats that you can watch alongside a game, including team and current drive stats, fantasy leaders, game leaders and more
  • Postgame recaps

To access the NFL Extras on the Sports App: 

  1. There are three different ways to access the Sports app on X1.
    • Press the C button on the remote control.
    • Say Sports App into your X1 Voice Remote.
    • Press the xfinity button on your remote control, use the right arrow button to scroll to and highlight Apps, and press OK. Then, scroll to and highlight Sports, and press OK.
  2. The app will launch on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Once the app is open, select the NFL tab at the top. You'll still be able to watch live TV on the left-hand side of the screen while viewing the score of all games previously played that day, and games that are currently playing live. Use the up and down arrow buttons to highlight the NFL game you would like to explore, and press the OK button to select one.
  4. Use the right arrow button to highlight Extras, and press the OK button.
  5. Use the right and left arrow buttons to cycle through previews, live coverage, statistics, postgame recaps and more.
    The X1 Sports app displaying NFL Extras.



With the Sports app on X1, you can now receive statistical NFL information and insights using the X1 Voice Remote. Try asking about your favorite player or ask for a comparison between two players simply by adding "stats" to the end of your voice command.

By saying two quarterbacks' names followed by "stats," you can see how two players stack up against each other. For example, press the microphone button and say, "Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees stats."
Sports app on X1 compares statistics of two quarterbacks.

You can compare NFL teams using voice commands like "Dolphins vs. Patriots stats" to see how two teams match up and where they rank in the league.
Sports app on X1 compares statistics of two NFL teams.

You can also see top performers in almost any statistical category using voice commands like "Touchdown leader stats". In addition, saying things like "AFC East standings stats" will show you who's in and who's out of the NFL Playoffs. You can even ask questions about your favorite team's roster, such as "Stats, who is number 37 on the Cowboys?"
Sports app on X1 displays NFL division standings.


*High-Definition programming requires high-definition equipment and service.


I hope this answers your questions. If you need anything else or have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

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Re: nfl package

Let me tell you this as a Seahawks fan living in Chicago, Red zone is not worth it, when nothing is happening they fouces on Bears division when they should show games YOU CAN NOT VIEW! ya they'll show a TD but don't think you'll see much more than that from the West coast teams! Most expensive network and they can't get EVERY TEAM super aggravating
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Re: nfl package

It’s Sunday at 11am. Just got the sports entertainment package earlier. We can only watch two games...all the other NFL games are not available. I don’t think we even got access to one additional game. Smiley Sadimage.jpg

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Re: nfl package

You’re right, that’s not how it works. You get whatever is broadcast in your market.
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