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main x1 box working correctly but all three HD-DTA boxes are missing alot of channels

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main x1 box working correctly but all three HD-DTA boxes are missing alot of channels



Back in January we switched to a new plan and while my dad was on the phone with a comcast CSR they informed us that we should go and swap all our xfinity equipment out as there is new and updated equipment available so we did.


New X1 DVR (subscribed to DVR before but did not have the box), XB7 cable modem, and the three DTA boxes seem to be the same models.


Took everything home and hooked all up and activated but the three DTA boxes are missing a bunch of channels we get downstairs with the main X1 box. we have tried numerous resets and system refreshes with all boxes and even called the automated activation line and went thru that again. but nothing seems to get the channels we get downstairs up on the boxes.


some of the channels we are missing is (both SD and HD): IFC, Smithsonian, Cooking channel, Ovation, Game Show network, MTV2


last week i live chat with a comcast CSR online and i informed her that there may be a rate code discrepency. and she looked into it but couldnt not locate the issue. she escalated it to a senior backend engineering team to take a look. But i have not heard back about their findings.


whenever we get new DTA boxes switched out this occurs everytime. I believe what happened was i activated the boxes using my cell phone # which is linked to my email account. but i think my cell phone number is associated with a broken acccount and not the one we are on now. the tv boxes did not activate. i called using our home phone # and the tv boxes came on but missing a bunch of channels we got before with the old DTA boxes.


if someone from comcast could reach out to me that would be awesome! i dont want to post the serial #s of the boxes on the public forum, so a private message would be preferred.


Thank you!

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Re: main x1 box working correctly but all three HD-DTA boxes are missing alot of channels

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us in our Forums. You are in the right place for help. We definitely want you to be able to see all the channels you subscribe to on the appropriate equipment. 


To look into your specific account, could you please send me a private message with your first and last name? You can do this by clicking on my name and then hitting "send a message."

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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