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Xfinity Charging for Premium On Demand, When I already pay for HBO

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Xfinity Charging for Premium On Demand, When I already pay for HBO

So, I am guessing since AT&T purchased Time-Warner, the owners of HBO, Xfinity has decided that my HBO subscription I pay for is invalid. AT&T is a DIRECT competitor to Xfinity/Comcast/Universal


<Edited> I pay for this. "Unlimited Access to HBO..." This means no extra charge and no double-speak will negate this. 


HBO, Game Of Thrones Season 4 Last 3 episodes as well as Season 5, 6 and 7 are now "Pay to View" and were free before AT&T Merger. 


True Blood - Seasons 3 through 7 now "Pay To View" and were free before AT&T Merger.


Boardwalk Empire - Seasons 3 through 5 now "Pay To View" and were free before AT&T Merger.




Re: Xfinity Charging for Premium On Demand, When I already pay for HBO



Welcome to the Xfinity Forum and thank you for posting your question here. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced with HBO OnDemand content. 


Unfortunately, Comcast does not control what content is free and what content requires an additional payment. What content is available, when it is available, and for how much is determined by the channel operators. Comcast simply passes along anything we receive from those operators to our customers. 


If you would like more information about specific HBO content, when it will be available, and for how much you can contact HBO directly via email here:


You can also filter all content provided by Comcast to only display content that is "free to me" by following the steps below. 


Filter Your X1 On Demand Menu
  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote.
  2. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to navigate to On Demand, and press the OK button on your remote.
  3. Navigate to the category in the On Demand menu that you wish to view. For example, On Demand > Movies > Top 50 New & Most Popular or On Demand > Networks > HBO > Movies > View All.
  4. If you have browsed down the page, use the Page Up button to return to the top row of programs.
  5. Press the up arrow button to highlight Filter and press OK on your remote.
    The On Demand guide screen: The Filter, in the upper left, is selected to All Programs and to the right of that is Sort, which is selected to Popular. Below that is a scrolling list of movies. 
  6. Use the up arrow and down arrow buttons to navigate to the desired filter. Once you have reached the desired filter, use the left arrow and right arrow buttons to toggle through the available filter options. Then press OK on your remote to activate a filter. You can filter by:
    • Content Type: Choose the HD filter and then choose All or HD only.
    • Free or Pay - Free to Me: Filter for only those programs included in your subscription. Choose All or Free to Me.
    • New Only: Filter for programs added in the last seven days. Choose Off or On.
    • Closed Captioning: Filter for only those programs that include Closed Captioning (CC). Choose Off or On. (To learn more, see about accessibility features for X1.)
    • Language: Filter for programming in English, Spanish or French. Choose All, English, Spanish or French.
    • SAP, Video Description: Filter for only those programs that include Spanish Secondary Audio (SAP) or Video Description (DVS). Choose Off, SAP or DVS.
      New & Most Popular screen showing filters.
  7. You will now see programs included in the filters selected. These filters will persist in this menu for the duration of your session (four hours).
  8. To sort On Demand programs, scroll up to Sort and press OK on your remote. You can sort by:
    • Popular
    • Most Recent
    • A-Z (Alphabetical)
    • Rotten Tomatoes: Sort by Rotten Tomatoes' Critic Score or Audience Score
      Top 50 & Most Popular screen shows the Filter category selected to HD, New; the Sort category selected to Popular; and an option to Clear All.
      All New Movies screen shows the Rotten Tomatoes Filter category options of Critic Score and Audience Score. 
  9. Select the sort you want to use and press OK on your remote once more. Programs will now be sorted based on your selection. The sort will also persist in that menu for your session (four hours).
    The Top 50 New & Most Popular screen; there are options to sort programs by Popular, Most Recent and A-Z.



Additionally, while we can certainly understand your frustration, we ask that all Xfinity Forum posts adhere to our Xfinity Forum Guidelines (found here:

By having an account and utilizing these forums, you have hereby agreed to the rules, policies, and guidelines contained within that document as well as any other posted documents throughout the community. Posts that violate said guidelines will be edited or removed. Continued violations could result in the revocation of a user's posting privileges. 

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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Re: Xfinity Charging for Premium On Demand, When I already pay for HBO

It is all still wrong to us customers!  We’ve already paid for Comcast xfinity service with on-demand and now someone...Comcast or networks or whomever gets pointed used to get out of telling us the truth.  Our paid tv service is now double charging what we bought already.  Oh, I guess that change in terms and service was on page 5 and I missed it.  Stop with the run around and just provide honest service to people who have already paid!