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Why doesn’t Cozi work?

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Why doesn’t Cozi work?

I turn on Cozi and it goes to NBC. Turn on NBC and the football games is on. NBC in the Cozi channel is showing Angry Birds game show or something like that
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Re: Why doesn’t Cozi work?

This happens a lot, and it's not just in your city. When a network station has "local" rights to show a sporting event - in your case, a preseason football game (another example would be, if a regular season game is on NFL Network, then the cities of the two teams involved each have one station air it)  - then it will move the network's programming to one of its "subchannels" - in your case, the one that normally shows Cozi.


And if anybody is wondering what the "Angry Birds Game Show is," it was a repeat of Monday's American Ninja Warrior episode that had an Angry Birds 2 Movie-based obstacle.