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Where is Bein HD ?

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Where is Bein HD ?

Where is Bein HD ? how many years now have we been asking ? Why do all other cable and satellite providers offer Bein in HD, and Comcast refuses ? Bein website said there is NO CHARGE to Comcast to offer it in HD. What gives ? every forum discussion here gets locked by admin, so no way to further the discussion. Why are they ignoring customers ? 



"6. Why isn’t beIN SPORTS available in HD from my provider?

    beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Español is offered in HD to all our cable TV and satellite providers at no additional cost to them for carrying it.  Providers decide whether they offer HD or SD to their customers. Please contact your provider and let them know you want the beIN SPORTS networks in HD today: Get beIN

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Re: Where is Bein HD ?

if a channel is available ONLY on the sports and entertainment package it is EXTREMELY unlikely that Comcast offers it in HD anywhere(CMT a notable exception)


you can stream it in HD though