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Where did the Weather Channel go?


Where did the Weather Channel go?

According to "my channel lineup" on the Comcast web site, channel 1102 for me (in Cambridge MA) should be the Weather Channel. After showing just a test pattern yesterday, today it's showing New England Cable News. This is true, also, for channel 847, which is the old channel number before Comcast added those channel numbers above 1000.


In the Comcast streaming app, attempting to select the Weather Channel to stream results in an error message ("Connection Error:: 3305"). 


Is the Weather Channel gone from Comcast's lineup? Was there an announcement I missed? 

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Re: Where did the Weather Channel go?

Hello Curmudgeon55, I show that "The Weather channel" can be found in your area on channel #47 in SD and #847 in HD. If you receive an error while trying to tune to these two channels please reboot your cable box to refresh your guide.


To view a full channel lineup in your area, see here:


**UPDATE 10/10/2018**

We regularly evaluate our channel lineups and sometimes need to make changes to ensure we're offering a wide variety of content at the best value. In 2018, several channels will be removed from the Xfinity TV Digital Economy package and moved to different packages that vary per division (refer to your local channel lineup).

Channels being removed from the Digital Economy package include:

  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Food Network
  • TruTV
  • Weather Channel*

The following channels will also be added to the Digital Economy package:

  • BBC America
  • BBC World News
  • Bloomberg
  • Hallmark Mysteries and Movies
  • Smithsonian


*No changes will occur for the Weather Channel in the Central Division at this time.



Does Comcast offer any other options to get the weather forecast now that The Weather Channel is no longer a part of my package?

Yes. You can upgrade to the Digital Starter package to keep watching The Weather Channel. If you don't wish to upgrade, customers with Xfinity X1 can also use the Weather App located in the Apps menu of their X1 guide to get the forecast. Customers with non-X1 TV Boxes can access local forecasts by selecting Local Weather from the Main Menu.


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