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What happend to Investigation Discovery (ID)?

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Re: Investigation Discovery ID Cancelled?

I just spoke to an Xfinity representative because I wanted to know what happened to the channel. I was told that Discovery ID didn't renew their contract with Xfinity and so they couldn't continue to carry their shows as they do not own them. Should Discovery ID renew their contract, the channel will be added back to the lineup. This disruption of services also includes the WE(Women's Entertainment channel). Xfinity could have done more to warn it's customers that this change was going to happen because I knew nothing of this. We just have to hope that Discovery among other channels renew their contracts in the new year so we can get our services back. I need my ID Discovery.
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Investigation Discovery - ID Channel

We just renewed our Comcast contract and am now learning that the ID channel will not be included in the package. This is the most watched channel in our home and one of the key  reasons for our decision to stay with Comcast. I feel deceived this wasn’t noted by the sales rep up front. And don’t understand,  with so many subscribers that watch the ID channel and seem to be as upset as I am, why Comcast no longer provides this channel. If we do not get ID channel going forward, I will consider cancelling my subscription.

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Where's the ID Channel?

I am very upset with Comcast right now.  I was calling with a technical question and then I was convinced to add netflix to my plan. Come to find out(without warning from Comcast) that with this change I'd be losing some of my favorite channels-ID, WE and Tru TV!!! 

I called customer service and they said I was "Grandfathered In " to those channels and now there is no way to get them. I want my old plan back!

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No ID channel

Recently switched to Xfinity from Fios, I asked the agent several times if ID was included in this package. Each time I was told yes, only to get it and discover xfinity doesn’t even carry this station anymore. Why lie? This was my favorite channel now I don’t have it. Had I known this I would have stayed with Fios.
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Can I order Channel ID  ? How much is the price to add it?



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I can’t find some channels !

I try to see ID channel and WE channels , and says I need subscription ! But I call to Comcast and that says that don’t have it anymore !! Really !! Why ?? I pay $204.00 monthly and I can’t see my favorites channels ??? It’s so unfair !!!
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ID channel we channel

Please !!!! Negotiations with ID channel and WE channel and bring them back !!! ASAP !!
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Re: Where's the ID Channel?

Lori-1964 -- Welcome to the Xfinity Forums and thank you for reaching out with your concern. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustrations, I would like to assist you from here and see what happened. Please send me a private message verifying your full name exactly as it's listed on the billing statement. To send a private message click on my name, then click "Send a message".

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Investigation Discovery Dupe

I would never have gone back to Comcast from DirecTV had I known they dropped ID! This is ridiculous!! I was literally at IDCon last year and it's pretty much the ONLY channel I consistently watch! Is Comcast/Xfinity even trying to get it back? I'll go back to DirecTV and Fios!

Re: Investigation Discovery Dupe

I just got my new "Services & Pricing + Channel Lineup" effective Jan. 1, 2019. I haven't seen one since 2017.


It came as part of my billing statement.  If you don't get a bill check you copy found on the Comcast site and print it out. I have all these channels most are asking about here. The list will show what service levels and channels where found in your particular service area.

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Inestigation Discovery Gone & I'm Beyond Ticked Off.(Comcast won't left we use the word I wanted to

Iwas recently informed by 3 Comcast employees  that if I added Comcast home phone to my "Double Play", I would save $20-$30/month so I made the change.  Like so many, I didn't read the new contract that I signed. That's on me.  Well,  the Comcast employees FAILED to advise me that I would lose channels, an in particular, Investigation Discovery (my absolutely favorite TV channel).  Comcast needs to train their staff better.  I am seeking legal advice.  I just signed a 2 year contract.  I'm open to suggestions.  I've been a loyal customer for 16 years, but relationship may come to a screaching halt if Coimcast can't fix this issue ASAP.

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Bring Back Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel

I'm livid. I have waited months for ID Channel to return to my services. I moved and was never notified that I would be losing ID Channel. I was told that we would have to lose our bundle pricing. So, we agreed. Next thing I know for $200 a month we had old boxes that started speaking spanish randomly, we couldn't talk into the remote and the formatting was 10+ years old. This has been a pain in the tailfeather paying for channels when the one I watch most is not available to me. 😠😡😠😡😠😡