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What happend to Investigation Discovery (ID)?


Re: PLEASE bring back Investigation Discovery Channel ASAP

@ogdecuba wrote:

 A new customer with Comcast/Xfinity and so far not pleased.  The only good thing is the remote I can talk into, and now knowing that is a monthly fee I am having second thoughts....The ONLY channel that I watched religiously was ID Channel when I had AT&T.  We just moved so thought we would try Xfinity...only to find that they do not have the ID Channel anymore...I mean come on, every hotel in the US carries the ID Channel but Xfinity doesn't?  This is ridiculous.  I am giving it a few more weeks to finish the year and if there is no change, our business will go elsewhere.

Comcast currently does not have a contract to carry ID.

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Very upset customer

I don’t like the fact that our channels got removed without notice iD is one of my top channels they should have told us I’m so upset