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What happend to Investigation Discovery (ID)?

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Re: I'd channel

Hi there, Kbrooks4.


I received your private message and will reach out ASAP. Thank you for posting to the forums.


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Thank you! 

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Investigation Discovery Channel???

I added TV service because they had the Id channel and was told that I would have it. I will be canceling TV service as soon as I can. They LIED about this channel!!! 


This channel was one of the most watched in my house too. xfinity TV service is not as advanced as Satellite service too. They need to catch up to Satellite service. 

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Investigation Discovery

I am a frustrated customer. Before I moved in October 2018 I had the ID channel and I LOVE that channel. In speaking to the representative I was told that if the channel wasn’t still in my package when I moved it could be added as an a-la-carte channel. <br><br>Since then I have tried and tried to add it but of course there is some “negation” going on. I call occasionally and still no resolution. I’d switch to something else if all the other services didn’t stink so bad 😡😢😡😢
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Investigation Discovery

You have it listed in your channel lineup, for all your packages in my area except the 10+. Yet when ever you go to click on the channel it says you have to upgrade. Now I don’t think it’s fair to tell your customers you have a channel that they can not watch. Nor can they not sign into the app and watch because evidently there is something going on between the cable provider and that network. Yet Comcast does not care that the customers keep trying to get on the channel to watch it. What ever it is quit taking it out on the customers and fix it already so we can catch up on our shows! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
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Channel Lineup

Please advise why I no longer have access to the channel of Investigative Discovery

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investigation discovery

Why does xfinity only offer ID in a tv only package and NOT with tv and internet package in the 19030 area? It makes no sense at all!! I cancel xfinity when they dropped the channel.. and I find out that my neighbors still have the channel and they have xfinity!!! <Edited>

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Where is Investigation Discovery?? Bring it back

Just moved to nw Chicago suburbs only to find out there's No Investigation Discovery??
Get back to negotiations and please get this channel in your lineup.
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Re: Where is Investigation Discovery?? Bring it back

Comcast has ID in the Chicago area. It's 271 (SD), and 324/1444 (HD). Oddly, it is NOT included in some higher packages, only lower ones. TruTV and a few others are also in that weird situation.