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What happend to Investigation Discovery (ID)?

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Investigation Discovery Channel (ID)

The ID channel is supposed to be included in the package I have. Now suddenly I’m getting a notice that I need to subscribe to it. What’s the deal?
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Investigative Discovery Channel

What I would like to know is why someone hasn't yet filed a Complaint with the Attorney General relative to your deceptive practices.  I was sent a couple of cards telling me what a great customer i was and to call Comcast to see if they could get me better package.  Well I ended up with a free movie channel but nothing else changed.  The price went down $50.00 BUT I LOST MY BEST CHANNEL THAT I WATCH EVERY DAY.  INVESTIGATIVE DISCOVERY.  Had I been informed of this i never would have switched.  I know you are negotiating but not telling people the truth before they switch is deceptive practice.  It would seem to me you are using the people/customers as a negotiating tool with Investigative Discovery Channel.  The more you can reduce the program the better position Comcast is in to negotiate.  THIS IS A REALLY BAD WAY TO DO BUSINESS. Especially since your prices are outrageous to begin with.  Very disappointed.

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Re: Where is my ID channel?

Hello, I would like to look into this for you from here. To protect the privacy of your account, can you provide your full name exactly as it's listed on the billing statement? To send a private message click on my name, then click "Send a message".

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ID Investigation Discovery Channel

I just lost the ID Investigation Discovery Channel..i am very upset about this if I knew I was going to lose the channel I would of never switched my package which I was told by the customer service rep that I would loose and if there were channels I lost I could just call back and upgrade my package when I called back Comcast to upgrade my package I was told I can no longer get the ID channel..i have been with comcast for 11 years and pay $230.00 a month for cable and now you are telling me I can't get channeling that I was already getting..way to screw over customers that have been with you for 11 years..looks like I will have to go with a different cable when I asked the customer service rep to switch me back to the package I had she said I can no longer switch back..way to screw over your ling time customers
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ID Channel and Oxygen

I just got my service turned on yesterday only to find out that although the packages online indicate that ID Channel is in the lineup as well as Oxygen, neither are available.  The support rep told me they expect them back in 2 or 3 days.  Has anyone else heard this?  This is unacceptable.  I never would have changed if I had known I would not get these channels.  Thank god I have 30 days to change my mind!!

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Re: ID Investigation Discovery Channel

I just found out the same thing today. Xfinity is going in the wrong direction in regards to making thier customers happy. Not only did I lose channels , I'm paying way more than family members that have ATT and a similar package....Not to mention that customer service is not willing to retain you as a customer. They are quick to tell you (in nice corporate terms) that you can cancel and go somewhere else. Been with Xfinity for 10 years, and this is the first time I picked up the phone to call other providers for pricing. It's sad, I used to love Xfinity....
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Re: ID Investigation Discovery Channel

Upgraded to Super Triple Play last week and lost Investigation Discovery, UPtv, and WE along with probably some other channels that I haven't noticed yet. So we lost 3 HD channels that we watched. Already slim pickings when you look at the premium HD channels that Comcast offers in our area. Comcast seems to be slowly killing off the TV side of their service and mainly focusing on the broadband side. 

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Re: Investigation Discovery

Same here, upgraded to Super Triple Play last week only to find out that we lost Investigation Discovery, UPtv, WE tv and probably some other channels. Not happy about losing channels.

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Re: Investigative Discovery

Upgraded to Super Triple Play last week and found out afterwards that we lost Investigation Discovery, UP tv , WE tv and probably some other channels. Taking away popular channels is a good way to lose customers. Will be reconsidering keeping TV service with Comcast. 

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Re: ID channel

@BruceW wrote:

Employee ComcastTeds has posted that Comcast has made the bizarre decision to include ID channel and several others in Digital Starter only. says:


In many areas, there are 6 channels that are not in any of the bundle packages. They are specific to Digital Starter only and one cannot get them in any of the "above" packages either (Digital Preferred, etc).


They are ID (investigation Discovery), Oxygen, TruTV, UP, WE, and WGN. These channels are only available only with the Digital Starter package.

Hey looks like Comcast wants people to downgrade their service to the Starter Package with TV only. Well 5G is supposedly on it's way so that should be another option for internet service. Also there are more streaming services available now to get your favorite channels and content. So instead of switching to the Starter Package might as well just cancel all your services with Comcast, unless you are stuck in a contract. Then just either wait it out or pay the ETF and switch to other providers.

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I'd channel

Why can't I get I'd channel? It says subscribe but customer service says you can't subscribe. This is infuriating.