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Weather channeling CONNECTICUT

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Weather channeling CONNECTICUT

COMCAST PULLED WEATHER CHANNEL FOR ALL!!!! Just called them....They should be sued people count on them .... how are people supposed to know if a bad situation is at hand....Guess after it strikes we will know....SHAME ON COMCAST!!!  How can the higher ups allow this is beyond me

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Re: Weather channeling CONNECTICUT


of all the channels to get rid of!!!....

who is making such poor business decisions at this place.?!?

people rely on the weather channel coverage especially of winter storms!! They say, " use local weather channels".... when?!!?.....they only show weather reports sporadically during the day...

thats rediculous! 

Hate this! Looking into other providers!.... wish they would listen to their PAYING customers and stop making stupid decisions !

and don't get me started about where the Food Network has disappeared to!!!!