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Tv caption

Good evening,
For the last two weeks we have been having voice captions on different channels on different days. This makes it very unnerving to watch a TV show or movie. We did check out tv setting and all the captions are off. Other resources on blogs say it’s the cable provider doing testing for different options. How can someone paying for expensive cable and enjoy a show or a movie. By Comcast doing this it making your service very unsatisfying also rude not notifying customers of doing this type of program. Please stop. Here is a list of channels that had voice captions. TBS, ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, HGTV

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Re: Tv caption

@Sytsherm wrote: ... voice captions on different channels ...

If you mean you are hearing program descriptions or information, see and/or


Or do you mean you are seeing closed captions on the screen?