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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) picture freezes

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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) picture freezes

Tonight Tuesday March 6 ---- -only Turner Classic Movies (TCM)  HD channel 789 picture briefly froze for a couple of seconds  while watching THE COBWEB and then again during LILITH.   Other channels OK.


I also advised TCM. 


Have any others experienced the same problem  on TCM? 


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Stephen L

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Re: Turner Classic Movies (TCM) picture freezes

I have a pixilation and or freezing problem all the time on Comcast. I have not checked with all channels obviously but it is there on the 2 channels I watch most. I record or watch the news every night on 432 and there is always pixilation mild to severe every time. My favorite channell is TCM high def 395. I have recorded and burned to CDs hundreds of movies and I used to have no pixilation or skipping on most recordings. Since the swithch to MP4 encoding essentially every movie has 1 or more instances of picture breaking up. Comcast has checked all my lines and splitters etc. only a few months ago and found nothing. I am recording through a Tuner in my PC and I understand those require a stronger signal to tune than the Comcast boxes however I have seen the same pixilation watching through the Comcast box and regular TV. They went to MP4 to crowd more channels onto the available bandwidth but I suspect they are still not allocating suficient bandwidth especially to hi-def channels.