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Sports Entertainment Package lineup for 95136?

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Sports Entertainment Package lineup for 95136?

How come it is so HARD to get a lineup of channels in the "Sports Entertainment Package"?  Last fall, magically, even though I am on what I thought was the highest tier, I lost NFL RedZone. I've also apparently lost CMT. I'd like a list of the channels included in my zip code: 95136 for the "Sports Entertainment Package" so that I can consider what all is included (and thus excluded from my current offering) and if it's worth adding.


You should seriously consider listing it somewhere--the "More Info" pop-up when choosing the "Sports Entertainment Package" from my account add-on section (for TV) doesn't even tell me specifically--this would be a great place to list it.


Anybody else from San Jose, CA get this lineup? I'm sure it's probably the same for me so please post it.