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Sports Entertainment Package Channel Lineup

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Sports Entertainment Package Channel Lineup

What is the channel lineup for the Sports Entertainment Package in zipcode 29445?

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Re: Sports Entertainment Package Channel Lineup

Hi Mixer274, 


I used the email address you have registered with the forums to get your account number so I can make sure I am providing the correct channels that are available in your area. The channels and networks that are included in the Sports Entertainment Package in you area are as follows: 


FSS     (Fox Sports Carolinas - North Carolina Central)            
102    ESP (ESPNEWS)    Digital Preferred        
146    CMTV (Country Music Television)            
180    NFL (NFL NETWORK)            
279    MLBN (MLB Network)            
390    NFL (NFL RedZone HD)            
391    SPM (The Sportsman Channel HD)            
392    OUTHD (Outdoor Channel HD)            
393    CBS (CBS Sports Network HD)            
396    ESP (ESPNU HD)    Digital Preferred        
401    FSC (Fox Sports Carolinas - North Carolina Central HD)            
406    NFLHD (NFL Network HD)            
449    ESP (ESPNEWS HD)            
476    CMT (Country Music Television HD)            
477    NHLHD (NHL Network HD)            
478    NBA (NBA TV HDTV)            
479    MLBHD (MLB Network HD)            
521    CINHD (Crime & Investigation Network HD)            
634    BEI (beIN Sports En Español)            
717    CIN (Crime & Investigation Network)            
718    MILH (Military History Channel)        
722    ESP (ESPNEWS)            
729    BEI (beIN Sports)            
731    OUTD (Outdoor Channel)            
733    CBSSN (CBS Sports Network)            
734    NBATV (NBA TV)            
735    ESPNU (ESPNU)            
736    NFL (NFL NETWORK)            
738    SPR (The Sportsman Channel)            
739    NHL (NHL Network)            
740    ESP (ESPN Goal Line and Bases Loaded)            
741    NFL (NFL RedZone)            
750    TVGSD (TV Games Network SD)            
1210    ESP (ESPNEWS HD)            
1215    NFLHD (NFL Network HD)            
1216    NFL (NFL RedZone HD)            
1217    NHLHD (NHL Network HD)            
1218    NBA (NBA TV HDTV)            
1219    MLBHD (MLB Network HD)            
1227    BEI (beIN Sports)            
1228    BEI (beIN Sports En Español)            
1236    OUTHD (Outdoor Channel HD)            
1237    SPM (The Sportsman Channel HD)            
1246    TVGSD (TV Games Network SD)            
1301    ESP (ESPNU HD)    Digital Preferred        
1302    ESP (ESPN Goal Line and Bases Loaded)            
1303    CBS (CBS Sports Network HD)            
1445    CINHD (Crime & Investigation Network HD)            
1479    MILH (Military History Channel)            
1608    CMT (Country Music Television HD)    



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