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Series Priority is Archaic

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Series Priority is Archaic

I asked this question before, "How do I delete programs from the Series Priority listing?" I want to do this through the computer because let's face it, it's easier than with your remote. Or so I thought. Who knew you-can't-get-there-from-here. You said, I could. I cannot. When I go to the Recordings page, there is NO option for Series Priority, there isn't even a result when I search for it from the Recordings page.


I don't understand how I can pay so much for Comcast and you cannot give us a simple web page to organize them better. So, two questions:


1. When will you have a better way of managing your priority programs?


2. When will you stop newly initiated recordings from starting at the top of the series priority listing? This is not nice.


You do so many things right, how could you get these two important necessities so wrong?