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Science Channel

The Science Channel info is inaccurate. The info says shows,like Impossible Engineering,  Strange Evidence, What on Earth, and so forth are new when they are not.


It records them and many times it is two old episodes combined into one or a reapeat.



How do we report this?

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Re: Science Channel

It's mainly an issue with when Discovery Networks gives Gracenote the program information. Comcast gets their guide data from Gracenote. It seems as if they only give the info for a week a day or two before that week starts. What's worse, with the old iGuide (legacy), I often see "To Be Announced" after it partially tries to update, but the full programming may not fill in until it gets that last "near term" data feed a few hours before air time. I had to set that program about the Israeli moon landing as a VCR-style manual recording (date/time/channel) because of the TBA.

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Re: Science Channel

@Tek wrote: ... new when they are not ...

Discovery's networks ( see "U.S. Networks" on ) have gotten really bad about this, especially with their "reality" shows. They add a minute or two of cutting-room-floor footage or a handful of Twitter posts to programs that have already aired, and call the result a "new" episode.


Consider making your feelings known to Discovery directly via their "Contact Us" form on