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SAP function NOT WORKING on BEIN Sports HD!

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SAP function NOT WORKING on BEIN Sports HD!

I'm a huge Italian soccer fan. These games are almost always shown on both of BEiN sports channels. On BEiN sports HD it's always has Spanish commentators and on the non-HD BEiN channel it has English commentators. Frankly, the only enjoyable way to watch soccer is in HD so even though it says that the games can be heard in English using the SAP function...they CANNOT. So then my choices end up being:


* watch the games in HD and not understand anything the commentators are saying.

* watch the games in SD and understand the commentators but have horrible picture quality.


When you try and change the SAP function and click the SAP button it says "Spanish".  Before anyone asks, yes, I have tried changing the SAP function on a live game (not one recorded on DVR.) It does NOT work!

This seems to be an issue that has gone on for far too long. A year or two ago this function worked fine when the games were shown primarily in English with the SAP function successfully switching to Spanish. I get why it's entirely in Spanish now (it's a Spanish channel) but can you please fix the SAP function so I and many others can watch the HD games with English commentators AS ADVERTISED???