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Re: Military History Channel (MILH)

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Re: Military History Channel (MILH)

You sir, are incorrect. AHC and Military History are two different channels on Comcast. I am also annoyed by this change. They have 6 decent channels on the 1,000 I pay for and they stretch you for more cash on top of the inflated equipment fees.. lets not forget.. why are we paying a fee to have free broadcast channels?!

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Re: Military History Channel (MILH)

AIssa2326, I'd be happy to take a look at our options to get you both channels. 


The Broadcast TV Fee is intended to offset a portion of the costs of retransmitting broadcast television signals. Broadcast stations have the right to charge for their signals, and cable providers like Comcast end up paying substantial fees in order to carry them. In recent years, our cost to retransmit broadcast television signals has more than doubled, and this itemized charge will make it clearer for customers to see the factors that are driving price changes.

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