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Pure Flix / Pureflix

I want this content added to comcast line up - This Link  Was given in a diffrent chat however It seems to not have away to let comcast know that there is intrest in the programing. 


Its says the following 

Channel Requests and Availability

Learn more about programming availability, and how to request channels you’d like to see in our lineup.


Why does Comcast choose not to carry certain television channels?
Our content teams work daily to bring you the best, most expansive programming possible. In some cases, however, certain factors such as licensing or contract agreements prevent us from carrying particular television episodes, series, or even channels. We’re always evaluating our catalog as our customer’s needs change, so this content may become available in the future.
and nothing else no where to click to a form to request a channel be added 
Anyway I would like to Show intrest in this Service being added to comcast line up with and App Like Netflix has or at least be able to access it through the comcast streaming app.    OH by the way add A Vudu app to comcast The movies anywhere is not allowing all my movies from Vudu to come through my box just add a VUDU app like you have Amazon.  But Yeah I would like Pureflix added to comcast thank you