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Problem viewing Acorn TV - WHICH I’M PAYING FOR!

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Problem viewing Acorn TV - WHICH I’M PAYING FOR!

So here’s my issue. New subscriber. Signed up for Acorn TV through Comcast. It’s on my bill at $4.99 a month. When I go to the On Demand listing for Acorn I’m presented with a “Subscribe to Acorn TV” option, even though I’m already subscribed to it I thought.  I’ve chosen that several times thinking it will “take” this time, but it doesn’t. 


I can see a listing of shows and view some, but others present me with a “buy” option. One show even sent me to Netflix, which asked me to sign up for that. Aggravating. 


Called support. They did their restart/refresh mumbo-jumbo without success. Only option they suggest is to have a $60 visit from a technician. Doubly aggravating as I’m paying already for it. 


I’m wondering if I should just cancel through Comcast and view it on Apple TV or Roku, especially since I see on these forums that the Comcast version only carries 1/4 of the total Acorn catalog. Got Acorn for my wife and she doesn’t like switching to external boxes, etc. 


Anyone have any success getting this to easily access on xfinity?  Thanks in advance.