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Organization of Xfinity Channels???

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Organization of Xfinity Channels???

I am new to Xfinity after being a Charter/Spectrum customer for many years. I must say I am VERY perplexed that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how Xfinity channels are set up.

With Charter it was much simpler. The HD channels were all in Tier 700, premium movie channels were Tier 500, music channels Tier 900, etc. I went to my local Xfinity store to see if they could explain their channel arrangement. A very nice young lady gave me a blurry photocopy of their numerical and alphabetical channels. I am more confused now than ever.

I love the X1 Voice Remote but that's about the only way I can find anything on Xfinity. With the exhorbitant amount of money I pay for TV/Internet I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in how USER UNFRIENDLY Xfinity is.

Can anyone please help me out if I have missed the secret to this perplexing puzzle???

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