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Only Fox News pixelated and sound is bad! Conspiracy?!

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Only Fox News pixelated and sound is bad! Conspiracy?!

It has been years since I did any work in a Comcast facility, but it seems to me that someone has an agenda and intentionally de-tunes the satellite receiver for Fox News Channel at your head ends. If it was a bandwidth issue, more than one channel that competes with the parent company would be affected!

With all of the complaints I am finding specifically about only the Fox News on Comcast, I can think of no othere plausible explanation.

I am a master electrician with some experience working on electronic communication equipment(mainly two-way radios). I know enough about signals and troubleshooting to narrow things down until the problem is resolved.

One comment said something about signals not being political. I wish I still believed that but I have seen too many things that I used to trust become corrupt in the last 10 years and I doubt that Comcast is any exception.