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Only 2 HD HBOs... still!?? In 2018?!

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Only 2 HD HBOs... still!?? In 2018?!

Ok... I’ve been waiting long enough...
Your engineers can’t seem to figure out how to do like Uverse or Fios has and offer all HBOs in HD, or other premium channels for that matter.

In 2018, I can’t watch HBO family in HD... or HBO comedy. I guess you feel those channels don’t have anything good on....

In he days of 32-40” 720p “HD” TVs, that’s no big deal. Stretch the image and keep on moving...but not when you have primarily 40-70” 4K OLED TVs!

So, I’m going to offer your your engineering team a UI idea that is so easy to implement they’ll laugh for not thinking of it themselves.

Since 90% of programs are available to “restart”, and when they do they play the HD on-demand version, all you have to offer is a feature.

Press “info”, bump “mark unwatched” to the right and add a “Watch(or stream) in HD” option. Have the player app send the time code position to the on demand player and viola! You have quickly switched the SD channel you “flipped” to, into HD mode. Even better yet, if the connection is fast enough, you could have the box offer to “switch to HD stream?”

So simple!

Now... can you get on it? Thanks!