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Non HD broadcasting

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Non HD broadcasting

Why does Xfinity (Comcast) not broadcast some channles in HD, I know they are available in HD as I have another house that has Spctrum (Charter)  (in Newnan Ga) cable and they are broadcast in HD.


I'm in the Atlanta Ga area (Stone Mtn) and the Sportsmans channle (1237), Cowboy Channel (1656), Great American Country (1620) and Son Life Broadcast Network (1098) are all all broadcast in standard or some other level as the picture is not very good and doesn't fit the screen.


All these cahnnels are available in HD as the picture on my Spectrum cable is very good and fits the screen.


Also why does Xfinity make Country music TV only available in the "sports package" . It is not a sports channel and doesnt even show any sports games. 

And Why does Xfinity not offer RFD TV in the Atlanta area? There are people here who would like to watch it.


Re: Non HD broadcasting

Comcast does have HD channels. You have to get the HD package usually $9.95 per month.

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Re: Non HD broadcasting

The channels you've mentioned are not carried in HD by Comcast. Typically in programming negotiations, there are separate fees to carry a network for its standard feed as well as its HD feed, even though the standard feed largely doesn't exist anymore, and is merely a downconverted version of the HD feed.


As for why Comcast doesn't carry these, it can be a multitude of factors: bandwidth, cost, contracts and the like. Even if you were to pay for HD service, these channels would not be in HD on Comcast.