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Nick Jr

Xfinity/Comcast my husband and I have been loyal customers for over 9 years now. Why would you not renew your contract with Nick/Nick Jr? Please don’t tell me you expect our 5 year old to watch only some episodes that are available on your streaming device that by the way gives her access to other content inappropriate for her age and has no educational games to go with her favorite shows!!! Because of the latest price increase and now xfinity is starting to yank access/contracts with other apps my husband and I will have to start looking into other providers. This is truly a disgrace on your part.
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Re: Nick Jr

This frustrated me as well. We now get Disney Now which is great (had to act very fast activating it but we got it working), but lost Nick Jr.

Have you tried looking in the Xfinity Stream app on your phone for the specific show you want to watch? We wanted to watch Rusty Rivets just now and I found the episode we wanted in the Stream app. From there you can do Screen Mirroring to your Apple TV. It’s a less than perfect solution but it is a solution!

My guess is that Comcast does still have a deal with Nickelodeon, but that at least for now that deal takes the form of exclusively providing Nick Jr content through Xfinity’s Stream app in an effort to get more people to use it.