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NHL Center Ice HD Hockey Games

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NHL Center Ice HD Hockey Games

This was an answer from Xfinity for someone's question in October 2017 about when NHL Games would be in HD...


Apologies for any incorrect information you may have received.

 NHL Center Ice HD (Beta) is expected to return and be available this week (just as we had last season).

UPDATE 10/11: The target timeframe for NHL Center Ice Beta HD to return is the week of 10/16. Thanks for your continued patience while the teams continue testing and checking out the new features. Apologies for the delay.  

XFINITY X1 customers with an NHL Center Ice subscription and an XFINITY TV package that includes HD service will be able to watch all of the games in HD.

If you have X1 and subscribe to NHL Center Ice, the expectation is that all games will be available (again) in HD via the app on the X1 box.


I have an X1 box and still as of Feb 2018 am not getting HD showings of hockey games.  It is so frustrating since I'm paying the same price for NHL Center Ice that I did when I had DirecTV and got almost all games in HD.  


Why hasn't Xfinity done what they promised. I think we should all have a refund coming since we're not getting what we were promised!