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More channel losses ????


More channel losses ????

I now check the bottom of my bill daily for notes from Comcast.

This information was added and if I lose  these channels will my bill be reduced ?

Of course NOT as I am locked into the "agreement".


Information on programmer contract expirations, which could affect our
carriage of the programmer's channels, can be found at
contractrenewals/ or by calling 866.216.8634


We expect that we will be able to reach an agreement with the owners of these channels to continue carrying them well into the future. 


Re: More channel losses ????

yah - becoming SOP for Comcast - remove channels but keep your bill the same.    And, since this is a 'problems' forum, if there are too many complaints CC will just shut down the topic.  


In this age of cord cutting I'm surprised CC treats customers like this.