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Missing Channels!

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Missing Channels!

I no longer get the following missing channels: Weatherscan 101, News channels for Japan, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, France 24, etc. All part of MHZ World View package. Please bring these channels back. Did not receive notification they would be removed. Missing channels now display SIGN OFF. Very, very disappointing. This is no way to treat loyal customers.
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Re: Missing Channels!

Comcast has been dropping Weatherscan over the past year. As for MHZ Worldview, that is a broadcast network carried by a local TV station, usually PBS. Most likely, the station dropped it. Comcast has no control over that.


If you are in the DC area, I also saw this:


Also, in the Chicago area, after WYCC went off the air, WTTW decided to pick it up. It will resume April 23 on Comcast 372, or broadcast 20.1 (which will actually be a WTTW subchannel.)