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Military Channel

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Military Channel

I would like to see the Military Channel since I am Retired Military, why do you have it as part of a Sports package?   I am not a sport person and only like to pay for what I want.   Please reprogram and reconsider.

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Re: Military Channel

It’s the Entertainment side off the Sports AND Entertainment package

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Re: Military Channel

Historical Military Documentary Programming -- Yep, That's Entertainment!


I agree with gdoran4.  My family was upset when this channel suddenly went dark.  It now says,  "unauthorized".  Including the Military History Channel in a "Sports & Entertainment Package" is like including CNBC in the "Family Tier".  Of course, there may be some families out there who like to sit around the tv and discuss the stock market . . . . . . .


I called customer service and received several different explanations for why this channel had been available on the the Digital Preferred tier and is now gone.  When I investigated the issue, I heard everything from, "you need the streaming app." to "it's part of another package, you got it by mistake" to "I don't know."  I've had cable for years and I've never seen MHC on the website channel list.  I just happened to find it by accident while scrolling through the onscreen guide.  If it is only available in an additional package, I could find nothing on the website indicating anything called "Sports & Entertainment", much less instructions for how to order it.  


C'mon Comcast.  The viewing public is not that dumb.  Your website is inaccurate and confusing and you make no attempt to correct it.  You hide behind the fine print which says, "may not be available" and "subject to change".  What you're really doing is trying to bully people who are interested in history into forking over more cash to get one channel they want along with a bunch of others they don't want or may already have.  Nothing new there.


If you're in need of funds I'd be happy to give back about half of the channels stuck in my bundle because I DON'T WATCH ANY OF THEM.  As for paying for more sports just to get Military History,

the answer is NO.  I can live without it.

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Re: Military Channel

Hello All, thanks for reaching out to our Forums! I first want to truly thank you for your service, we appreciate you! We also thank you for being the best part of Comcast! I do understand where you are coming from about the Military channel being included in our Sports and Entertainment package, we do look at our channel lineup from time to time and realign as needed. We examine channel lineups often and I will be sure to pass on your feedback about the Military channel. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here to help. 

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