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Major League Soccer Direct Kick

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Major League Soccer Direct Kick

I have been subcribing to Major League Soccer's Direct Kick for 15 years without any problems. This year I was unable to access the channels 756-759 to watch the games after the two week " free viewing ". A error message kept coming up on the screen about making " changes to my account". The changes I made was 2 weeks ago by paying $ 90.00 to view the soccer

package. After several calls to customer sevice and having my cable box " zapped" I had a tech guy come out who was very nice and he said it was not an equipement problem but a programming problem. Because the NBA League pass and MLS

Direct kick channels over lap 750-759 he suggested that I "buy" the NBA  League Pass Package. This package cost me $117.00 in addition to the $90.00 I paid for the soccer package. It solved the problem. No longer are channels 756-759

being held "hostage" to any error codes.  I find this total "BS" since I have never had this problem in 15 years regardless of

cable provider. I this is anybody in Comcast Land who can direct me to someone at the "Mothership" to get my $117.00 back I would appreciate your input. I love soccer and could not continue to miss games because of a " programming error."